Which Generation of Pokemon Games is the Best?

IGN writes: "With Pokemon Black and White bringing the number of generations of Pokemon up to five, it got us here at IGN wondering which of them has the best monsters. The first generation is probably the most memorable for older gamers, the new one is still fresh on our minds, and the others bring plenty of awesome monsters to the table as well. So how could we possibly go about deciding which one wins?

That's where you come in. Read our brief descriptions of each generation below, then vote in our poll and let the world know which Pokemon generation is the best there ever was."

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Agent Smith3802d ago (Edited 3802d ago )

Gold/Silver is my favorite gen. You can go to two regions (Johto and Kanto), lots of Pokemon, the "secret" last boss, having a cell phone, Pokemon can hold items, shiny Pokemon, breeding Pokemon, graphical upgrade thanks to the GB color let the towns have their own different style, time and day system had night and day and special events on certain days, a criminal as your rival, acorn to Pokeball system, legendary dogs were random encounters rather than just going to a certain spot to catch them, the Unown mystery you have to solve by capturing all 26 different types of Unown, etc.

Probably the gen that added the most stuff until Black/White came out.

dedicatedtogamers3802d ago

I agree. I played Pokemon since Red/Blue but stopped after Ruby/Sapphire (tried to do Diamond/Pearl but lost interest).

The thing I loved so much about Gold/Silver is that it was such a massive step up from the first games. You had two regions, twice as many trainers to battle as well as "repeat" battles with some trainers, there were more Pokemon, more areas to explore, and more mysteries. The step from Gold/Silver to Ruby/Sapphire was a step down, imo, because it was such a decrease in content, and no Pokemon game has been able to match the amount of content in Gold/Silver.

NukaCola3802d ago

My favorite game was Crystal. It had everything from RED/BLUE and YELLOW(Minus having Pikachu on 24-7) and everything from Silver/Gold. I love the internal clock system and being able to do special things only on certain days(ex. Like Bug Hunting on saturdays!) I wish they'd just make a damn Pokemon MMO already on console and bring the last 15 years of it all together.

52pickup3802d ago


Those are the first 2 Pokemon games I ever played,so for me they hold a lot of fond memories and I've played every main series entry since.