PlayStation Eye priced and dated for Europe

Sony has confirmed that the PlayStation Eye will be out in Europe on 7th November.

It will cost you GBP 24.99 and come bundled with a free copy of editing suite EyeCreate, which lets you snap pictures, video, and audio clips before saving them to your hard drive.

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SimmoUK4022d ago

wow that's a really reasonable price i was expecting it to be more than that...

mighty_douche4022d ago

i was expecting about £40, but £25, thats a complete bargin right there.

Rama262854022d ago (Edited 4022d ago )

Considering The Eye of Judgement(with the PS Eye) is retailing for about £59.99, this means that Sony are pricing this game at £35, which to me all of a sudden makes it look expensive for what it is (considering you'll also have to buy extra packs of cards and so forth).

I think I might just be picking up the camera by itself and at £24.99 it sounds like the better deal to me. I'm sure there will be the odd online retailer doing it for cheaper too!