Rare: no comment on Perfect Dark 2 speculation

Developer keeps its head down as rumours fly

While blogs and consumer websites jumped on unconfirmed reports yesterday that Rare is currently working on Perfect Dark 2 for the Xbox 360, the developer has shrugged off any speculation of unconfirmed projects.

Speaking to, Lee Schuneman, head of production at Rare, has said that it's nothing new – rumours come and go, but the team won't be talking about any possible projects until it's good and ready.

"There's always rumours going around about different games we may or may not be doing but we'd prefer not to comment on rumours at this stage," he said.

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omansteveo4073d ago

If Microsoft was smart they would keep a close eye on this game it has the potential to be good maybe they should let a different dev make it

BIGBAER4073d ago

Perfect Dark Zero has some very cool things going for it: inventive weapons and weapon power-ups; great graphics albeit cheesy character design---except for Joanna (HOT!), and excellent mult-player that allows players to join ongoing battles at any time---and, switch sides whenever a player wishes.

I hope Rare IS developing a sequel; I'm certain it will be better received than Perfect Dark Zero.

Wii60_FTW4072d ago

pdz was fun as hell, a little rushed, but fun. they could easily have another AAA title on their hands if they finish it this time.

Ri0tSquad4072d ago

It was my second xbox 360 game and the worse FPS I ever played. The hell with this game you guys saying "this game was fun!" are clowns IMO.

u got owned4072d ago

Come on man you don't have to be so harsh. I'm agree with you there, i played the game and it was meh, but i think it has potential they should look for another developer to work on it, maybe now Bungie that is independent, just to name one...

Could be interesting.

darkside4072d ago

i agree with you that one. the Prequel to the second best FPS N64 game ever. did not live up to the same expectation. The game really was terrible...sorry. The PDzero average and the story was crap. half the time your looking for your dad and fighting a nasty looking evil chick that looks like your ex.

sorry the game is was terrible. I trade it in with cash for PGR3. much better deal.

Wii60_FTW4072d ago

it was fun, b1tch. eat my ass, j3w