Crysis: So clever it's stupid

Games Radar gives six reasons why it's time to smash your old PC into little pieces:

"Crysis is really going to punish your hardware budget. The official specs aren't quite as nuclear as we expected, but if you want your version to look anything like these shots you better get cracking with a hammer on that old rig. It's time to blow the savings on a shiny new gaming behemoth.

But is it really worth it? Well, yes. Because Crysis is stupid. We'd never have thought it before our latest hands-on with the game, but that's one of the best reasons to get busy with the smashy. We're not talking sticking-your-soggy-fingers-in-a-power-socket dumb. Instead, we're referring to the game's AI, which is so realistic it messes up just like a real person. Enemies actually trip over foliage and lose their balance getting legs over fences. So stupid, yet very, very smart."

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mighty_douche4019d ago

this game is so far ahead of anything else out there! this game really shows the lack of power the consoles offer!

xav09714019d ago (Edited 4019d ago )

Everything about this game is insane!! I'm very impressed so far. Can't wait for the demo to see what my dual 8800 gtx's can do. This game has everything...gameplay check....Best graphics ever! check....physics check....multiplayer check....Advance AI check....Destructable environments check...high end computer to run said game check. Let me know if I missed anything.

Drano4019d ago

THAT'S next-gen gaming, folks.

Jump Beyond.