Is Halo 3 Really Inappropriate for High School Students?

The Weekend Gamer challenges Halo 3's "M for mature" rating, and suggests that the ESRB may have gotten this one wrong.

"The Weekend Gamer covered a story a few weeks ago that the New York Times ran about churches across the country who have been using Halo 3 in their youth groups, and ever since then the debate has gone on as to whether or not it's appropriate to play Bungie's latest hit at church.

The criticism is centered on Halo's "Mature" (roughly corresponding to an R rating in films) rating that was handed out by the ESRB. Lately though, there have been several voices that have pointed out the flaws of this rating, and suggest that maybe some youth ministers are seeing what many others can not: that there's a big difference between Halo 3 and games like Grand Theft Auto or Manhunt 2."

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toughNAME4110d ago

when did they implement a rating system?

HowarthsNJ4110d ago

that killing is a mature subject.

BloodySinner4110d ago

Call of Duty 2 is rated T. And it has TONS of killing. How do you explain that?

HowarthsNJ4110d ago

There are lot's of T rated games with killing. It's still a mature subject.

Guns are such a hot topic these days for obvious reasons and kids need guidance.

The Real Joker4110d ago

Uhh ohh...I smell a Democrat.

jay34110d ago

Meh, death is all around us. Thousands of people die each day. Mature subject? Not really.

Proxy4109d ago

Yes, but killing really will involve more than a red bump map on the terain around the dead body, which is fully in tact and no different from when it was alive.

Consider games like NG2. Arm here, leg here, half a body here, blood every where. In Halo and similar games you don't find heads mushed all over the place when you use a shotgun, etc. This is the true mature rated matter.

Back in the day there could not really be decapitation and stuff, because the hardware couldn't handle calculating a decapitated character mesh, but things are different now...

The idea that a game like Halo has the same rating as NG2 where you'll find body parts all over, or a game like GTA where you kill police and other inocent people, is ludicris.

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Meus Renaissance4110d ago

With Kids in America getting guns and deciding to get some "Double Kills" in High School corridors, I'm not surprised. Ban guns. How many more have to die before you ban guns!

xionpunk4110d ago

Banning guns is not the answer, and is a little short sighted. Im all for
the right to keep a gun in your house just in case some jerk tried to break in (very likely here in ATL). The reasons behind highschool shootings go much deeper than just that guns were available.

Captain Tuttle4110d ago (Edited 4110d ago )

Is a good rating I think, just taking into account the filth that gets spewed on Live. But the fact that a 17 1/2 year old might not be able to buy the game but in 6 months can sign up to go fight in Iraq is ridiculous.

jcgamer4110d ago

you might just have the quote of the day's a little early to tell...I'll let you know a little later...and I, for one, could not see, for the life of me, what made Halo 3 get a mature rating...Gears...heck yeah...those dudes had mouths like sailors...and that chainsaw...Halo 3...umm, no...Halo 3 online is rated a strong R it is a marketing move...mature games certainly are selling very well...and then parents could buy the game and say, "hey, that's not so bad"...go online

kn4110d ago

In call of duty you kill actual people and it is a Teen rating. The situations in COD are far more mature and realistic simulations of human combat. Halo is a sci-fi shooter that is no worse than any edition of star wars or similar genre and really shouldn't be anything more than Teen.

poopface14109d ago

lol killing nazis is ok I guess and that is only a teen rating and killing little blue aliens is mature.

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