The NBA’s Most Improved Player, Kevin Love, Can Also Hold His Own with Call of Duty

NBA All-Star Kevin Love of the Minnesota Timberwolves is the winner of the 2010-11 Kia NBA Most Improved Player Award. The annual award is presented to a player who has made a significant improvement from the previous season. Love, who was on the cover of EA Sports’ NCAA Basketball 09, talks about his gaming prestige with Call of Duty in this exclusive video interview.

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evrfighter2829d ago

this dude a rebounding monster. he's gonna go somewhere if he can get out of Minnesota. Would suck to see him go the same route as KG.

Danielmccue2829d ago

It's not really hard to be good at COD.

Jezuz2829d ago

Rly? Can you get 100% accuracy with a desert eagle on every shot without a miss? Since it's not so hard

KDubyah2829d ago

With the amount of campers in Call of Duty..
Yeah, I'm sure someone could if they wanted to.

Jezuz2829d ago

i don't like COD but, are there really campers every match ? I used to play BO and MW2 but i don't see campers every match. Don't make up BS and shrug it off as a fact

TheLastGuardian20102829d ago

To me people who say "oh I play COD" seems so generic. Yes, in a way COD has made gamers more streamlined, instead of the nerd who was the loser.

It'd be more impressive if he said, "oh I'm a huge Red Dead Redemption fan, or I love playing Bioshock. Or, oh yeah I just picked up Portal 2."

Cod is just meh. Those are wanna be gamers.

DanSolo2829d ago

lol how does playing Cod make someone a wanna be gamer?

I got bored of Cod and don't bother playing it anymore... but it is no less a game then any other game!

People need to stop hating Cod just the same as the Cod addicts need to stop loving it so much. It has slipped in recent years and there are much better games out... but it is an ok game, just nothing more than that!

nevin12829d ago

@ evrfighter KG won a championship. so im sure Love will leave minnesota if resulted to a ring.

@ TheLastGuardian2010 lol. so you decide whats a game or not? also, COD is a big franchise so Love saying he's good at it is impressive.

TheLastGuardian20102829d ago

What I'm saying is that Cod is more like a shooting fest competition. I can't tell you how many times people say in my school "Yeah, I play BlackOps. But that's it. Don't even need my 360/ps3 except for that."

Yes cod is a game. But to me it's on the same level as Madden, or any of the other sports titles. It's has become less about the narrative, the characters, the atmosphere, etc.

If he said yeah I like Alan Wake, or I love Heavy Rain, that's WAY different. That's saying you play a game for the narrative. With cod, your just saying you compete with your friends...there's a difference imo.

nevin12829d ago

I really have to disagree with your statement. So your saying games that focus more on narration, characters and atmosphere are more of a game than Madden and COD? hmm Heavy Rain is not even a game by most people standards which I agree with.

Also, going back to the Kevin Love video, he mentioned he plays 2K11so that could indicate he's mostly a sports gamer. so holding.his own in COD is impressive. he's showing his range/versatility. .

TreMillz2829d ago (Edited 2829d ago )

wtf dude you realize this man is a pro athlete and his life is hectic with going to practice, workout and personal matters. Probably only knows mainstream games like CoD and 2K11. it doesnt have to be AW or HR to be impressive