News: PlayStation 3 SKU's boost sales 178%

Third highest week of sales since launch

PlayStation 3 hardware sales jumped 178 per cent last week with the introduction of two new SKU's, helping the system record its third highest week since launch in the UK.

Data supplied to reveals that although Sony's console enjoyed a considerable sales boost, Nintendo's DS was still the best-selling hardware system in the UK, followed by the Wii and then the PS3, with the Xbox 360 behind its home console rival.

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xaphanze4018d ago

now thats what I'm talking about. We all knew it was all about the price nothing else.

krackchap4018d ago

this is only thebeginning mate,wait till pes08 release

nasim4018d ago (Edited 4018d ago )

X360 could be termed officially dead in EU ....even HALO 3 bundle couldnt move x360s in UK( x360's only battleground left in EU).

I think by the end of 2007 ps3 will surpass both wii and x360 in EU/UK


you can clearly see that ps3 is behind "DS and wii" and x360 is the "last". Why do u even argue after this. MCVUK and CHARTTRACK tracks GFK figures. VGCHARTS tracks estimates from "their ASSSES"

gtgcoolkid4018d ago

I say this because frankly from what my friends in europe are telling me, a lot of people are waiting for the PES-PS3 bundle so the sales should boost then also. Bundling PS3 with PES was a brilliant decision in my opnion as that game is the one of the best selling titles over there.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI4018d ago

well from what I know football(soccer) is really popular in Europe so I wouldn't be surprised if people are waiting on that.

Dannagar4017d ago

This site is absolutely congested with Playstation Fanboys that have nothing better to do than get together and agree that PS3 is king. I’m at a work and can check the news, play games and work at the same time. I doubt that most of you have that leisure. If the Playstation 3 is so great, why do people like Nazim spend 24 – 7 on this site? Don’t you all have games to play? I check this site one or twice a day. There are so many great Xbox 360 games out there that I don't even have enough time to play them all. If you love Sony so much, then go buy and play some games.

tomfoolery4017d ago (Edited 4017d ago )

PS Fand1ps are the poorest(not money wise) LOSERS I think I have ever encountered in my life.

Heh,just the thought of the PS brand not being at the top of the heap absolutely infuriates them beyond reason.Jealous little girls they are.
That's why they go into a mass Ps3 circle jerk when some glimmer of hope of an article such as this one pops up.

Yes.This site is a million man Sony march.
Sonyfreaks are the stinkin skidmarks of the gaming world.
How do you Sonyonly nuts like those Blu apples @ homos?
Just an observer,

barom4017d ago

lmao frightened that the ps3 is doing good are we?

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TheHater4018d ago

Give the consumers a lower price or lower the price of the current ps3 and you will see a noticeable increase in sales for the system. Now if more games would come out for the PS3, then you will see what will happen.

Duke Nukem4018d ago (Edited 4018d ago )

Quick flashback: is been 2 years since 360 launch and 1 since PS3
Question: should 360 be better by now? you call the answer

paul_war4018d ago

& it's only been out in the UK from the end of March

KoolMan4018d ago

not only that but the 360 is suppose to be easy to work with so where is the true power? we should be seeing games killing any other competitions.

Korosuke4018d ago

it's not important that 360/PS3's own qualty, whick is better or not.
see PS2 and Xbox, early windows and MAC OS. both inferiors won.

Such a thing does not matter, when you come out. I cant keep waiting FOREVER. hurry.

xhi44018d ago

Not too suprisedd here! But the thing is, can they keep this? I think they have a chance with the lower price, but we'll just have to wait and see!

gerrard4018d ago

With games like Warhawk, Heavenly Sword (already available), Pro Evo 2008, Rachet & Clank:TOD, Smackdown vs Raw, COD 4, Uncharted Drakes Fortune, Orange Box, Haze, GT5: Prologue (all coming out this fall), Killzone 2, Metal Gear Solid 4, FF13 (2008), Home & Dual Shock 3, Play TV, Sixaxis as well, combined with the cheaper SKU it will definitely keep this going.


HeartlesskizZ4018d ago

I already see a new price drop from MS coming soon =)

Jandre024018d ago

I dont think it was price that was holding people back. The core cost almost as much as the Wii..and we see how thats selling in comparison. Unless they drop it below $199 it wont matter. But hell at that price point people can buy both the PS3 and the Xbox360. :-D.

nanometric4018d ago

Maybe thats why they cut it only for 50$, so they could have another 50$ price cut to answer sony? You know like- Look how good we are etc.

Bathyj4018d ago

Maybe. Its Newtons 3rd law.

Sony acts, M$ reacts.

ruibing4017d ago

If you are talking about 360 Arcade, it has no HDD and relies on a 256MB memory card. So even though it can play Xbox games, any 360 games that requires a hard drive, which is going to become more frequent, will force you to buy one of MS's proprietry, overpriced HDDs. Last time I checked, the cheapest 20GB one is $90. And also, it doesn't come with HD-DVD and (I believe) wireless b/g. Not that much of a value for people who actually want to play the best, new games out there.

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