Tekken 6 On Xbox 360 Is Highly Probable

The Bitbag writes, "Tekken 6 will be hitting the Playstation 3 in 2008. Tekken has always been a Playstation only series since day one. Even the first Tekken was developed on the PS1 arcade board. Namco followed suit with every game in the series including 6, which is being developed on PS3 arcade hardware. Another series that was Playstation only was the Ace Combat series. Ace Combat 6 is now a 360 exclusive. Does Namco have reason to bring Tekken 6 to the 360? Read on for the facts."

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Zhuk4020d ago (Edited 4020d ago )

Only Xbox 360 provides developers with the power they need to fully realize their dreams and create true next generation games, its not surprising that Namco want to move Tekken to Xbox 360 considering that games look and play better on Xbox 360 thanks to a superior gaming machine, award winning controller and the best online service ever created for a console.

Maybe Tekken wont be garbage anymore when it comes to 360, Tekken has always paled in comparison to Virtua Fighter, which also looks and plays best on Xbox 360 compared to the PS3 version which doesnt even have online play

TeaDouble_E4020d ago (Edited 4020d ago )

So if a game doesn't come to 360 it's considered garbage ? So you think these games are considered garbage Crysis, Super Mario Galaxy, KillZone 2, FF 13, and lastly Metal Gear ? Yeah I dont think so, you got some problems Ghuk.

One mans garbage is another mans treasure.

PopEmUp4020d ago

Sorry to say this, but x-box 360 has always limited the next gen gameplay experiences, and also the 360 has reached it full power and the PS3 power is about to be awaken, like a dragon that sleep for thousand of years

BloodySinner4020d ago

You are not a game developer. You do not make games for the PS3 or 360. Therefor, you know nothing, so shut up.

AliC4020d ago

Erm whats this power you are talking about in the 360?

The only truly state of the art Console currently is the PS3, though only time will tell if that holds true.

WAR_MACHINE774020d ago

@Capt CHAOS Why wouldn't it have rumble? PS3 and 360 both have rumble.

cuco334020d ago

but i doubt it a ton!!

This is one of THE titles I'ld get a PS3 for (the others are MGS4 and GT5 and nothing and I mean NOTHING else appeals to me more than what's out on 360). I love Tekken!

Oh and for the rumble argument, last I checked PS3 hasn't gotten rumble yet. As in you can't go to a store and get a rumbled sixaxis controller. RUMBLE FTW

gaffyh4020d ago (Edited 4020d ago )

This story isn't even a rumour, it is just 360 fans hoping for the best Fighting game series to be ported to 360. This shouldn't be classed as news, it's even less credible than a rumour. Sony have been good to Namco with the Tekken series, I don't think it will go multi.

Zhuk you are an idiot if you really believe what you are saying.

I don't understand why people love rumble, it's ok, I always switched it off on my PS2 pad. It's not like it makes the game feel more immersive it's like you're getting shot in the game and your pad shakes a bit.

The pad should shoot you in the chest, that would be next gen immersive lol. :)

MikeGdaGod4020d ago

i don't even think he even thinks about what he's saying. he just copies and paste his same comment in every page.

might as well add him to the -bubble list with PimpDaddy, Bladestar, and Mart. ignoring these guys is the reason they continue to have more bubbles than even the most unbias people on this site.

i'd be surprised if this came to 360. Tekken always has been known to be a PS title. i think this would be just as big as GTA going to 360.

as far as attach rate goes, that is really a weak agruement. 360 has been out for almost 2 years, OF COURSE their owners are going to have a higher attach rate, they've had more time to buy games for it. and because its been out for 2 years there ARE more games for it, meaning more games for them to buy. add both of those facts up and what do you get????......a higher attach rate!!! this is the dumbest arguement you could try to bring up.

man the way you xbots spin things is amazing. you guys should be working for the Bush administration.

Bonsai12144020d ago

lol at 45 disagrees... haha

Ri0tSquad4020d ago (Edited 4020d ago )

lol theres a new fanboy in town.

"Maybe Tekken wont be garbage anymore when it comes to 360"

Hahahaha take your xbox 360 out of your ass before it overheats dipsh*t.

wageslave4020d ago

What are you talking about? The O.P. is right, here is what IGN said in their hardware shoot-out;

"CONCLUSION: When you break down the numbers, Xbox 360 has provably more performance than PS3. Keep in mind that Sony has a track record of over promising and under delivering on technical performance. The truth is that both systems pack a lot of power for high definition games and entertainment.

How do you get through life believing every BS PR line shoved on you? Sony's always talking about supercomputers and 4D and such nonsense; but according to raw power -- let alone the development kit and environment -- the Xbox 360 is superior.

Im sorry it conflicts with your self delusion.

ruibing4020d ago

My god, you sound like an ad from Microsoft.

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xhi44020d ago (Edited 4020d ago )

I must say, without meaning to be offensive, have to be the most ignorant and mis-informed individual on this network if you truly believe that.

Anyway, if they do bring it to the 360 I wouldn't be too fussed, more of the love to share around, although my respect for companies that keep brand loyalty will be totally ripped apart. But hey I got both consoles, as long as the PS3 version shines and does the best it can graphically and gameplay wise, I don't care.

Anyway I find the softer buttons, smaller and light controller of the PS3 better for fighting, action, adventure, sport etc. games.

I damn love my FPS on 360 though :P Although Resistance make me think twice, thrice, and a fourth time.

But anyway, I don't believe they would bring it over to the 360, especially with the Japan market (the biggest tekken fans) being PS3 centered, but if it does, no big deal, just share the love hey?

tordavis4020d ago (Edited 4020d ago )

Bubble for you Xhi4. Thanks for being open minded.
This would be great news for all Tekken fans, 360 and PS3 alike.

Zhuk4020d ago

Tekken is garbage, it always has been inferior to Virtua Fighter the only reason it was popular is because all the Sony fanboys couldnt play Virtua Fighter on the Playstation which was a far inferior machine to the Sega Saturn for fighting games. Once VF4 came to PS2 nobody wanted to bother with Tekken anymore because its that bad.

Tekken coming to 360 will make it better because they will have to produce a quality game to get noticed on the 360s AAA game library and it has to compete with the real version of VF5 and DOA4 which are far better fighters than any Tekken game.

Douche4020d ago (Edited 4020d ago )

Zhuk, ur a [email protected] There is no use trying to convince you otherwise since you are as ignorant as you are wrong. I'm not even gonna get started 'cause I'd feel like I had just told off a 10 year old pissant if I did.


I think you are garbage...Tekken has always been better than any VF game..I which you get the green Sh1t out of your eyes...It's like bill gates sat on you face and took a big sh1t and not you are blind and stupid...for letting someone sh1t on your face and now you can't see cause you have sh1t in your eyes....Grow up man...PS3 will dominate...NOBODY TOLD YOU TO JUMP IN and now you are stuck with a half azz xbox1.5

Kadajvs4020d ago

Zhuk..dude are you seriously sitting in your basement taking drugs. Tekken has never been garbage nobody gave two hoots about VF until it just got released this year...they've compared VF and Tekken over and over and it by far dominates VF. Tekken has sold way over a million copies on every game. VF has been around longer and yet has a smaller fan base compared to Tekken. There's not one person i can think of besides you and your drugs that honestly thinks VF is better then tekken. Tekken story alone is far superior...please think about your post before posting far as Tekken coming to 360 i highly doubt it...there's no way Sony is letting their hit game go to the 360 although i do have both cosoles i will be buying it for the PS3 regardless if it got released on the 360 or not. 360 is an excellent console as long as it's not breaking my games or over heating and dieing..i've been through three 360's and i still have my first PS3 and it's still kicking and i play it more then i do my 360 but Zhuk i must admit you gave me my laugh for today lol thanks...

ExLivingGhost4020d ago

Zhuk shut up because youre embarrassing every Xbot on the planet oh and halo 3 is all the xbox 360 can do 640p 24fps so tekken 6 obviously wont be better on the 360 in fact tekken 6 on 360 will look like tekken 4 or 5 at 720p 30 to 60fps

wageslave4020d ago

Are you trying to bring up Halo 3? You mean the video game that sold more copies in 3 Weeks than the total PS3s have sold worldwide in 12 months?

Your not bringing that up are you? Perhaps you missed the vgchartz estimate (still waiting for the NDP numbers) that suggested 550,000 Xbox 360s sold last month? More than 400,000 more than PS3?

That game?

PopEmUp4020d ago

Can you tell me does games sell more or system sell more?

tomfoolery4020d ago

Look at the Sony jack offs just losing their minds
over washed up Tekken.You guys are some sorry motherfvckers.
I pray I never meet one of you sh1theads in real life.
I'd put your punk arse through a wall,

ExLivingGhost4020d ago

yes halo 3 that game, the only reason that game sold so well and its famous because of three things 1)it has a catchy name halo 2)it was the first online fps game that came out on a console system 3)20 million xbox1 sold worldwide there was only one good game to play and that is halo 1 & 2. and yes there were other good games exclusive on xbox1 like far cry,fable and chronicles of riddick and yea it had like 3 to something of good games but the halo franchise was the best of all of those few games that xbox1 had, so 20 million people playing madden and halo 2? well its obvious the game is gonna be famous for a while.oh and dont expect the xbox 360 to sell more than 30 million in its lifetime and is an unreliable website,everyone knows(i think)that the PS3 and 360 hasnt sold that much yet even the Wii,and im a gamer not an asskissing fanboy i have the PS3 and 360(no wii for me cuz i too think that the wii is a fad)and i have halo 3,but on this gen im going with the PS3 if microsoft waited to release the 360 last year along with PS3 and wii with HD DVD integrated in the 360 for gaming you would see me wit the 360 saying ill buy the PS3 when good exclusives games arrives and they lower the pric,and one last thing Bungie didnt F up halo 3 Microsoft and the Xbox 360 did with DVD

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UnblessedSoul4020d ago

Lol @ Zhuk you couldn't talk anymore out of your arse if you tried I really feel for you

Captain Tuttle4020d ago (Edited 4020d ago )

If his theory about attach rates was correct there'd be no PS3 exclusives

Edit @ tordavis: True, but it doesn't change the fact that there is no evidence at all in this article regarding Tekken exclusivity. It's just a random blog post.

tordavis4020d ago

There would still be Sony published exclusives. In fact, if you look at all the exclusives avail for PS3 now, they are all Sony published.

Douche4020d ago

Hmm, what about Haze? Resistance? Ratchet and Clank? MGS4? None of these are first party games.

BlazeXXL4020d ago

Insomniac Games is an in-house studio of sony, they create exclusively for the Playstation platform, and is therefore first party.

But yeh, the others ones you mentioned are third party :P.

Douche4020d ago (Edited 4020d ago )

No man, Insomniac is independent. They have chosen so far to only create games for Sony. In return, Sony funds them the necessary money to produce these games. Insomniac is a 2nd party developer and owns two separate studios themselves. That's how they are able to develop games like RFOM, Ratchet and Clank, and soon enough RFOM2 so quickly and closely together.

ReBurn4020d ago

Second-party games are still first-party exclusives since the first party is the one publishing them. The only exclusive PS3 games available now are those published by Sony. That's what he was trying to say. Most of the games on that list aren't even available, so no sense in even mentioning them.

xplosneer4020d ago

Somehow even though the attach rates are high (3.7 per console) there are about that .5 million Xbox 360's in Japan, while the PS3 has an attach rate of 1.7 but has 2.5 times the number of consoles out there. Kinda flawed math there.

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CrazzyMan4020d ago

as long, as they creating ps3 version, without having in mind x360, i don`t care. =)