Valve Aware of TF2's Xbox Live Lag

Team Fortress 2, part of Valve's epic The Orange Box compilation that was released last week, is experiencing some serious lag issues on Xbox Live. The vast majority of complaints stem from gamers attempting to participate in more competitive 6v6 or 8v8 matches, where "connection to host lost" messages became common place or gameplay rendered completely unplayable by never ending lag.

Valve realizes things are amiss, however, and told 1UP the studio has already dispatched a title update to Microsoft. Unlike the PC world, patches are not immediate and the hopeful remedy has to make the rounds through Microsoft's certification process and through the Xbox Live pipes. Valve anticipates the title update will arrive in gamers' hands either sometime this weekend or early next week, but no specific date is available.

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Jones Miller4018d ago

this should have been fixed from the beginning!

Bolts4018d ago

Peer to peer sucks and need to die, three years ago. Thanks to this ancient networking connect Orange Box's multiplayer is VASTLY inferior to its PC counterpart where there are 32 players servers everywhere. Maybe instead of dishing out trucks full of money on stupid exclusive downloadable content, MS should invest some money into dedicated servers for Live. Its time to get out of the stone age Microsoft.

nanometric4018d ago

Why would they, 360 owners gladly pay 50$ for it and state that it's the best online experience!

Skerj4018d ago

Hah those same sentiments are why I chose Orange Box on PC, and won't be renewing my Gold Live subscription when it expires in 2 weeks.

Korosuke4018d ago

yeah, MS should put dedicated servers to each games if they keep collecting the money from their users to use network.

the worst4018d ago

xbl pay for lag
psn free of lag

redmamoth4018d ago

40 player online match with RFOM... no lag! Warhawk is awsome too with 32 players jumping in and out of vehicles/aircraft with ease, again lag free!! Can't wait to get Orange Box and Pro Evo 2008!

Can't believe people actually pay for XBox Live! Suckers!

sjappie4018d ago (Edited 4018d ago )

I can't believe you have to leave the game if you wan't to invite a friend to a nice game of Warhawk. What, you can't invite people at all? Oh at least you can chat with or message a friend in-game and cross-game, oh, you can't do that either?
Guess that are reasons this sucka pays for xbl.
MS needs to step their game up, however.
By that I mean that they should have games working properly, on the day of release. This is more of a coding issue, it will be fine after the patch.
It's just BS that Live is laggy cause it's not. I hardly ever experience lag. Just get a good internet connection.

Capt CHAOS4018d ago

ditching console gaming and head back to PC gaming, console gaming at the moment is still decades behind PC gaming..

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The story is too old to be commented.