Bladestorm: The Hundred Years' War - Eurogamer Review Gives 8/10

The opening movies are completely Koei: volleys of arrows rain down on banks of superbly CGI men-at-arms, who proceed to smash into each other, slicing through armour in extreme (and extremely stylish) close-up.

They're not, strictly speaking, historically accurate, but by gosh are they superb - and anyway, if you want historical accuracy, you're probably better off with a good book (like John Keegan's The Face of Battle, for example). Bladestorm is as committed to fantasy history as all the other Warriors games.

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Bazookajoe_834112d ago

probably picking up a used copy, or wait untill it drops in price..

C_SoL4112d ago

i thought this game was awful.

crippler6664112d ago

I like big battle games, but will wait for it to come down in price.

bym051d4112d ago

Buy me Bladestorm or go to hell!

I really enjoyed the demo and plan to get this game when it comes out. I liked the action strategy aspect of it alot.

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The story is too old to be commented.