Gears Of War 3 Beta | New Maps, New Weapons

Dealspwn investigates the Gears 3 beta's new maps and weapons, from Checkout to the new Digger launcher!

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Sam Fisher2735d ago (Edited 2735d ago )

no offence to ppl, but this game is such a re-hash, its always the same bull every game, i mean yea. alot of games are like that, but this really doesnt have anything new to the table just more updated things, for example you pick up meat shield and you can stick a grenade on it and throw it, to me thats an update, they could put something new like cut ppl up with chainsaw from any direction with the right analog stick, instead of the same cut. that would be cool, but damn, there is no new in this game. just new campaign, and lets be honest the story isnt its strongest attribute...

Hands Up For Games2735d ago

You sound pretty bitter, im having a blast with the Beta and cant wait for the full game.

Tell me though, dont all sequels just build on what the previous games offered???

Sam Fisher2735d ago (Edited 2735d ago )

your right i agree (you get a bubble for being blunt), i guess i just dont like epic games or cliff. i loved the first game, i really did, but when i played the second i said i wasnt going to buy the third, to me, i feel like its going down hill

DuelingGodCole2735d ago

I just got my beta key from a free giveaway website and I can say for sure, that multiplayer in Gears Of War 3 is pretty cool. Actually, it's better than cool. It's amazing, jaw-droppingly good. A long ways away from the clunkiness that plagued GOW2.

If anyone else wants to try it out and hasn't gotten their beta key yet, the site I used is here:


Raven_Nomad2735d ago

The story was the main reason I play Gears Of War, you say it's a rehash?

Honestly it's playing like a totally new game to me, the characters move more fluid, they look amazing. New characters, weapons, gun camo's, unlockables, Dedicated servers, 4 player campaign online co op, medals, Game modes. I know Team Death match is an absolute blast.

I've played games that are a rehash and Gears 3 isn't one of them, not in the least. I didn't enjoy Gears 1 or 2 as much as I'm enjoying the Gears 3 beta, so fast paced and fun!

Already level 25 and have unlocked Cole, Golden Retro Lancer for the retail game!

slate912735d ago

Im not going to attack you because everyone has their preference and opinions. I somewhat agree with you when it comes to just being an "update." But this is how I feel about the Gears of War series.

I feel that the first Gears of War was mastered. Yes, there were bugs and glitches with the online and covering system, but the campaign was great. I feel like this is a series that has already peaked and you can't really change anything without dissapointing all of the hardcore players and casual players that love this game because of the way it currently is.

I feel this is a franchise whose sequels should only IMPROVE on the core gameplay and not change it. With the added Dedicated Servers and improved cover system (less buggy) I only see the gears game being perfected in this next installment. And that's the way I want it. Don't pull a Halo: Reach and piss everyone off by changing the GAME that attracted all of your audiences from the start.

But that's just my take on it.

montyburns0002735d ago

retro lancer, sawed-off, digger, one-shot, incendiaries, mantle kick,tag/bag, executions for every weapon, dedi's. they're is more im not listing but the game obviously doesn't interest you. something tells me you have been getting your ass kicked online and in turn you think the game isn't good. fine by me, one less newb that complains about OP weapons and depletes our respawn pools.

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