The wait is over -- in-depth impressions of Silicon Knights' 360 debut

For a company that has long been known as much for president Denis Dyack's words as the games it produces, it's an odd scenario for the press to show up and not want to chat. But with all the controversy hovering over Too Human -- from the tech-challenged E3 2006 demo, to the debates over how games are marketed, to the ill-timed E3 2007 trailer and the Unreal Engine break-up -- there's only so far talking can go.

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wil4hire4019d ago

Hope it makes it to the ps3 one day.

fjtorres4019d ago

Too Human is funded and published by Microsoft game studios so it falls in the same category as Gears of War. A 360 exclusive under lock-n-key for the duration of the development contract. Which, since it is a trilogy, means pretty much this entire console generation.

I wasn't all that interested in this game...until now.
But if it really is as RPG-like as they claim it may have a place in my system. Not sure about the locked-camera thing though; so far the only game I've seen do that well enough to be only mildly annoying is
Overlord. Most are like Conan and suck rivets...
Stil, it looks promising...

Charlie26884019d ago

The game definitely looks interesting and promising, I just hope SK can deliver after all the trouble they have been thru

wageslave4018d ago

I imagine MGS tried to help Epic make nice with them to get the work back on track.

If what SK says is true, that Epic used them to beta test and repair their engine, that is kinda crappy for SK.

BUT, I imagine no one SK, Epic or MGS wants to see SK deliver a stinker because of it. Im betting that all this favourable press is the result of a "lets get back on track" program and away from lawsuit nastyness.

JokesOnYou4019d ago

yeah if SK has actually fixed their past framerate problems and ironed out the bugs there's simply no way this game can fail to deliver, I mean its got the norse mythology with a sci-fi twist for a story line and the mix gameplay is really appealing, if the controls work well with this new free camera idea then this game will be amazing. the vid looks really good, they have come a long way so I think all the extra dev time is going to pay off


Captain Tuttle4019d ago

I've got a bad feeling about this game but I'm a cynical bastard.

wageslave4018d ago

Whats there to be cynical about? The game looks like another long-playing, indepth, story driven, adventure RPG -- if they can pull off a great story and good performance, it will do well.

The action certainly seems unique, and its obviously really good looking. I'll be paying more attention now.

ExLivingGhost4019d ago

i saw the video of this game and i must say after years of development and fighting with Epic this is what SK came up with? i am very disappointed

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