Analyst: Cheap PS3 Identical to Costly 360. Price Similar to PSOne

Why not take a look at another analysts view of the next-gen wars.

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Jay da 2KBalla5375d ago

I disagree but whatever the 500 nor the 600 dollar ps3 isnt justified by the only thing that matters......the games.

Shadow Flare5375d ago

i'm glad you wrote, "in my opinion"

Jay da 2KBalla5375d ago (Edited 5375d ago )

yea wateva

The Real Deal5373d ago

No what happened was I was posting my links with facts to combat lies being spread from Jin and DJ. Then they started spamming my posts. It went from that to them censoring me
every time I spoke. I never cursed. I never harassed anyone. And even when I wasn't posting facts, they were censoring my posts. Then anyone else who joined in on the conversation was being verbally harassed and bashed, with Jin and DJ accusing everyone of being ME. The Real Deal. I think at that point it pissed a few xbox fans off and everyone was spamming everyone. The funny part is. I just walked away and played my xbox 360. I came back and Jin and DJ was still here fighting a spam war with other xbox fans. I love games but thats sickening. Spamming good people like myself is how it all started. I'm the Real Deal. Everyone knows I post links to support my opinions. Sony fans sit on here and lie all day long, then when you express your view with links they get mad and spam you off the board. Then if anyone speaks out, they spam them too. Its sad. But thats how much Hate DJ and Jin have. But with that said, I forgive you for censoring me and bashing me personally. I forgive you for accusing me of what you obviously do with multi screens. I'm the real deal. I only need one screen name and Facts as my guide on here. The truth always prevails when I'm around. I'm sorry if the truth burns a little. Sony did this to you. Sony made you so hateful. Us 360 gamers are a happy bunch. I'm sorry you have to wait a year just to experience what we have been experiencing for the last year. You should have jumped in. But
honestly, You are getting exactly what you deserve. Bad things happen to bad people. And what yall did to me today was bad. Good Night.

EnforcerOfTheTruth5373d ago

Censoring what? Your MS facts? Your Ati facts? Your biased dev facts? Your fakeass screen facts? Your Music Producer facts? Or your NBA Star facts? don't you post some facts from unbiased, objective sources? Why don't you post what unbiased devs that develope for both consoles are saying? Why don't you compare your 360 screens with good looking PS3 games? are the biggest fraud around here, that spams this site 24/7 with his lies and spreading some funnyass lies about beeing a Music Producer or that you could be an NBA Star...ROFLMFAO kid, you must have really some issues. It's so funny how serious you take your name and all this stuff, it appears you are living for this site. And kid, don't be so fast with assuming somebody is a bad person, you are much worse with what you are doing, but I wouldn't call you a bad person, you are just a sad person living in his lil delusioned lala land and not in the real world. Also fact is kid, that you were the only pathetic fanboy around when the deleting begann, but you are sayin that others did, not everbody is as empty as you, some people have eyes and a brain ;-)

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TheMART5375d ago

Still, if it's about the same as the writer of the story says, the 'cheap' PS3 is still 100 dollar/euro more expensive. Paying some pocketmoney to Sony in debt

bullet5375d ago

I may be wrong here but is the xbox 360 premium bundle not $399.00 and the core xbox 360 299.00 while the ps3 core system is suppose to be $499.00 and the premium ps3 $599.00

bullet5375d ago

I’m probably wrong though because I really have not kept up on the ps3. but I thought I read some where that there is going to be 2 different ps3 bundles. I might be wrong and if I’m I apologize....The point is any way’s I just don't understand how the ps3 is cheaper. I mean I’m not a math wizard or nothing but how is $499.00 cheaper then $399.00? especially if you don't care about watching movies on your GAME console?

Jay da 2KBalla5375d ago

you're correct (499.99 and 599.99) and good point with that last sentence.

bullet5375d ago

I thought so.....Thank ya Baller