One of the first great titles for the PS3 is Folklore - 8.7/10

Folklore sets itself apart from the current game magazine of the PS3 for a huge variety of reasons. From graphics to storyline find out what makes Folklore worth the while to shell out the cash at a new game prices. It's definitely worth it and here is why:

"It's entertaining, it's clever and beautiful while telling a somewhat disturbing story that references suicide, genocide and child abuse (good times!). Its gameplay won't satiate the blood thirsty appetites of the adrenaline junkies but if you're looking for a whimsical colorful tale that wouldn't be the least bit out of place in a fairytale book then Folklore is right up your alley."

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Itachi4020d ago

Game trailers and gamespot hang your head in shame for sleeping with microshaft

ruibing4020d ago

Same here. I will get it when I get back home for the winter. I've been looking for an adventure RPG to play. This will keep me filled up until Disgaea and Eternal Sonata comes out for the PS3. When you want to play a game where you want to immerse yourself in the environment, you really need a game like this with stunning graphics.

patriotZero4020d ago

Folklore by Re,Oni,DMC executive producer

mesh14020d ago

this game reminds me of a ps2 title with xbox 1 grapics even thecover is out dated the game engine is very very old

Skerj4020d ago

Both!! I don't see why these kids feel the need to come piss on every topic, it's getting old and it happens on N4G ALL the time. Back on topic, I bought this game last week and I really must say any PS3 owner who has a passing in action adventure or rpgs (it's a little light on the rpg) should check this out. Graphics are GORGEOUS, gameplay is awesome, and the story is oh so deep.

CaliGamer4020d ago

Seems this game is a bit off the beaten path, which is a good thing. There is nothing like a good RPG to pass the time when you want a more mellow experience. I think this game suffers from our culture of instant gratification, rarely are people willing to give something time and a fair chance. If something doesn't give up the goods instantly then it must be the games fault.

Many people disagreed but I believe that this was the case with Lair, it was something a bit new and Factor 5 failed to take into account peoples reluctance to new things. My philosophy would be to always give players the option of using motion control or not. Like I have said before, if tomorrow car companies introduced a new steering wheel, there would be tons of complaints no matter how good the new solution was. But I think innovation is the key to progress, unfortunately when innovating there will always be some casualties.

Many sites for unknown reasons do seem to be a bit harsh on PS3 games, perhaps its still fashionable to do so. But I believe this will change in time. Folklore seems to be a good beginning to this trend, the demo was good, perhaps I will pick this up.

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The story is too old to be commented.