Peter Moore on the future of EA and their upcoming title, GameShow.

"Last week, EA Sports president Peter Moore introduced four upcoming titles from the sports label he now manages at game publisher Electronic Arts. But he spent a little extra time talking about GameShow, an uncharacteristically simple title from a publisher known for games which reward the veteran gamers' need for increasingly sophisticated graphics and more and more involved control schemes.

"GameShow is the complete opposite. Game sessions are short, lasting only 15 minutes; controls involve nothing more than pushing a mouse around a PC screen and clicking to compete; and the content isn't canned, but rather created daily by a team of writers and radio-like DJs who "talk" players through trivia questions that can be tied to upcoming events or recently completed sports competitions."

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Proxy4074d ago (Edited 4074d ago )

I saw many articles that looked light they could be duplicates, but closer inspection revealed they make no mention of this game, "GameShow." So please don't say it a duplicate, although it may appear to be at first glance. Unless, of course, you double check and it really is a duplicate. ;)

PopEmUp4074d ago

I just wonder why how many red eyes Peter more article are there?

Zhuk4073d ago

I always liked Peter Moore since the Dreamcast days at SEGA. He knows how to do his job well, as a marketing exec he really gets behind his product and he has the skill of coming across as enthusiastic about what he is doing, which is nice.

He's probably the reason why most hardcore dreamcast/sega fans are now Xbox 360 consumers, unified in their distaste for Sony

Omegasyde4072d ago

Yea he did a "great job" at marketing the Dreamcast. Really "great" job.

Dreamcast only lasted 2 years. You do know that he partially to blame for the failure of Dreamcast as well as the PS2?

And you hate Sony because the PS2 owned the dreamcast and you feel like you are going to cry remembering that horrible expirience?

Have you tried Prozac for your depression?

chrno4072d ago

I doubt the average dreamcast fan knows Peter Moore lol.. back then there is less fanboy wars than it is now...and I bet u hate sony because of what happened with the ps2?

TheMART4072d ago

Gameshow sounds like a Wii title. Think with the insane Wii sales, we gonna see more of this minigame stuff, uncomplicated gaming.

If I look at the Wii line up, there are only 3 good games and the rest is minigames. Its not making me happy at all...

Ah well maybe one game like this is fun, but then get back to games as Army of Two part II and so on EA!