Caught Short: The Wii shortages look set to continue - but there's no conspiracy

The consumer electronics industry is no stranger to the concept of hardware shortages. Nintendo is likely only to ramp up production significantly when it anticipates that demand will hold steady; the firm has no intention of being left high and dry with unsold stock. What that means for retailers in the coming months is that once again, consumers are going to face a struggle to get hold of Wii hardware in the run-up to Christmas.

Despite the frustration this will cause, there's no conspiracy here. Neither, however, is there an end in sight. Nintendo will always be happier when its supply is undershooting demand by a small margin - so unless demand for the Wii slumps sharply for some reason, it's unlikely that the channel will ever be fully stocked, and supply woes will continue to some degree. As woes go, however, it seems churlish to complain too much; for Nintendo, and the industry as a whole, it's the best possible problem to have.

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PopEmUp4072d ago (Edited 4072d ago )

I think is just Nintendo plan/strategies in marketing, they just let the consumers know that they are running out of stock, so the consumers would think that if they don't get it now or the Wii will run out, but wait the Christmas have in full of stock that available to mostly everyone. This is the reason why they do this, is they want to sell this quickly but if they let the consumers know that they still got full of the stock, then not many people will buy it, well that I think (opinions)

IdontTakeSides4072d ago

I kinda agree with you some what..but I've yet to see Nintendo prove that all who's buying there new console isn't just the same ppl who bought the gamecube..I mean it did sell over 12 mill in we'll see 2 years down the road if the WII is still like it is...!!

bootsielon4072d ago

It's a gamecube for fvcks sake. Cereal sells more than Wii, by the way... that doesn't mean it's more enjoyable.

beavis4play4072d ago

and why? there must be a lot of cheapskates out there because they sure aren't getting a great gaming experience for their dollar. outside of launch zelda, they got squat.

Silver Bull3t4072d ago

I still can't figure out why Nintendo doesn't keep the shelves stocked since they actually make coin off of each console sold? I'd bet especially more-so now that it's been out 1 yr and production costs MUST have dropped.

I understand the part about not wanting stock to sit on shelves, but depriving yourself of profits due to an assumed psychological advantage of rarity is dumb. Play that card too long and it'll backfire.

Tracking available inventory that vendors have on hand isn't like sending mail via pony express... their sellers should know how much inventory has shipped and how much has sold, throttle production to accomodate demand.

Really at 1 year + the Wii should be readily available for purchase. Not something you need to hunt down or order online. If I were a retailer I'd be pissed that I have an empty shelf where salable merchandise should be.

PS360WII4072d ago

I still don't understand how you guys can continually throw up that same crap you say day in and day out. It has sold, it is selling, and it will continue to sell. Just for the small fact that you don't like it doesn't mean that the world does not like it. That's a good one boot cereal does sell more, so with that logic I guess no console is great seeing that cereal outsells even the 360 and PS3 good job on that one. What happen to the car analogy? Did you say it to often that it lost it's thunder?

ChickeyCantor4072d ago

they consider them self " core " they dont understand what Nintendo was doing from the start(talking about the NES).
now Nintendo is doing it right with the Wii,the so called core just dont understand why they took this path, why did it different.

@silver bullet.
" I still can't figure out why Nintendo doesn't keep the shelves stocked since they actually make coin off of each console sold?"

yess why would any company do this?so maybe there is a shortage?????

although im just wondering why nintendo wont open a second factory for their Wii's.

forum_crawler4072d ago

Because there are several processes that need to be validated to achieve the high level of quality Nintendo products are known for. It is just not needed.

The current production levels are great because Nintendo is almost, but not quite keeping up with demand. This way every wii console made finds a home and Nintendo makes money.

People fail to see the benefit of this strategy Nintendo is using. It makes perfect sense to me because I am pretty sure that development on the next console has already begun (designing hardware does take several years) and it will feature HD. By then it should be mainstream enough to make it cheap and not a risk. Go Ninty go.

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