Mobile Suits caught in Crossfire

Game briefly known as Target in Sight now named Mobile Suit Gundam: Crossfire; takes shot at PlayStation 3 later this year.....

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360Borrowedtime5026d ago

This blows the 360 right out of the water, looks awesome!

gspawn5025d ago

Because rendering a whopping 2-3 units onscreen at once is so massive compared to, say, Chromehounds' 24? Yeah, super-good-looking character models are easy to do when there's a handful of them and there's no actual gameplay going on.

But it's good to see this title is shaping up- it was a laughing stock for quite a while- but there's still the question of whether it will suck. Gundam games do have a tendancy to do that, regardless of potential awesomeness. Please, please let this be a good Gundam game. This series has so much wasted potential.

General5026d ago

Oh and its going to look way better when its released aswell, Come TGS! And TGS Is coming!