GameSpot Review for Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions

GameSpot describes how, "War of the Lions proves that even a decade-old game can pack quite a punch."

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MK_Red4023d ago

Typical stupid anti-PSP GameSpot. They never give PSP games the scores they deserve but when a choppy port comes to DS, they give it 9s and 9.5s. 8 for FF Tactics!??

Chaos Striker4023d ago (Edited 4023d ago )

I'm surprised as well, I thought this game would receive something higher than an 8 based on how other reviewers have praised it.

BloodySinner4023d ago (Edited 4023d ago )

Based on that comment, I'm guessing you're a Final Fantasy fan. Also what Nintendo DS games got 9s that were choppy ports?

Oh, by the way. I think you forgot about this game. -

MK_Red4023d ago

I'm not saying they never give 9s to PSP and honesly, who could give less than 9 to Tekken:DR?

Omegasyde4023d ago

what about midnight club 3? That game was better looking that the PS2 version.

FF tactics another "system seller" with a lot of playability. +9

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Marceles4023d ago

The game deserves a 9 even with the framerate slow down on most of the special moves. Seriously if that was fixed, it'd be absolutely perfect.

Charlie26884023d ago

I think Kevin is the ONLY reviewer that has been taking WAYYYYYYYYY to seriously GS´s new Scoring policy a policy no other of the more veteran editors even seem to care about

I mean come one just look at all his recent reviews VS the internet average, his are among the lowest reviews are going to hell after Greg left >.>

happygamer4023d ago

not a fan of gamespot especially the forums.

darkside4022d ago

i to wonder why does game spot give FF:Tactics more then that but i guess not. PS1 classic and a great FF game, does gamespot have something against FF: PSP games?