IGN's Most Frightening Game Speak Ever

IGN writes:
"In today's feature, we team up with our friends at Audio Atrocities to shine our flickering flashlights on some of the most frightening dialogue in videogame history. And no, we don't mean scary scary, we mean terrible scary. You'll hear lines like, "This castle looks familiar. A long, long time ago, it was once called 'Ancient Castle.'"

And if you think the writing is bad, just wait until you feast your ears on the "acting."

We've searched through Audio Atrocities' massive library of awful videogame dialogue and come up with 19 of our favorites. We would have gone to 20, but we just couldn't take any more punishment."

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Captain Tuttle4073d ago

That was great Red...good find. I don't know why Japanese developers can't get good English voice acting in their games. It one of the reasons I'm not a big fan of most of ruins the experience for me.