PSM3 Supports HipHopGamer, More GOW4 News To Come

Since HipHopGamer released the first details on God Of War 4 in Feb'11 everyone is going crazy which is great.

There is some new news which is very interesting that you will discover in this video below but also a few things regarding Journalism. For all the professional Journalist out there, why is it that a good bit of them aren't so professional?

Find out everything in this video along with a new lead from a close source over at Sony.

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Hitman07692834d ago

This is awesome great to see the industry recognizing a real gamer journalist!

Aussiegamer2834d ago (Edited 2834d ago )


I nearly spat my coffee when I read your comment.

Thanks for making my arvo mate. Now I better get back to work.

Although GOW is one of my fav series so bring it on.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2834d ago

Even though he's been proven legit many times the haterz will still hate.

I didnt know trollz drank coffee O.o

DatNJDom812834d ago Show
Aussiegamer2834d ago

@datnjDom "hate hip hop and racists", really dont be so ignorant? Come on dude dont take the interwebz so seriously was just a joke.

radphil2834d ago (Edited 2834d ago )


Dude, I'm black and even I wouldn't stoop to that statement:

"I seriously think all the hate is coming from people that hate hip hop and racists. "

Stop playing the race card man when it's not needed. >_>

Also for those that support him, stop with the damn haters gonna hate meme. You don't bring any point across using that.

I_find_it_funny2834d ago

Dont hate on HHG he's doing his thing.

He's approach may not be plausible for some but he's good, he got sources and hot news that tend to turn out TRUE

Electroshocked2833d ago

At first I didn't respect him and I did not take him seriously, but now after seeing this video, I actually think he's alright...

Ocelot5252833d ago (Edited 2833d ago )

"Even though he's been proven legit "

give me that proof

"He's approach may not be plausible for some but he's good, he got sources and hot news that tend to turn out TRUE"

Give me a list of things that turned out true.

every educated and grownup man (or woman) recognizes hhg as the leader in bringing BS. He's the Glen Beck/ Bill o'Reiley of the gaming industry.

He's doesn't know shit about gaming, he plays Killzone 3 on a 200hz 3D TV, not knowing that such a tv causes an ridiculous amount of lag, much much much worse than onlive.

He doesn't the difference between upscaling and native resolution(like many here on N4G, but hhg is a VG journalist, he should know)

and he kills baby seals

radphil2833d ago (Edited 2833d ago )

I find it funny people disagreed even though I am black and the 'haters gonna hate' thing is old.

But this is N4G, where people just go to the silent disagree without really voicing logic more or less. I don't even get why we have this system when it really doesn't serve a true purpose. All it does is just derails conversations.

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clank5432834d ago

I won't click on the video because I think he's really annoying to listen to, but HHG has definitely been spot on lately and I give him credit for that.

MysticStrummer2834d ago

Throw enough darts and some are bound to hit the dartboard. The best I can do is to read about it when he's right, because I can't stand his style enough to watch him. I'm no racist, and I don't hate hip hop, but I can't stomach HHG.

Sheikh Yerbouti2833d ago

I don't like that greasy Brian I don't read or respond to Kotaku articles. What's your excuse?

Michael-Jackson2834d ago (Edited 2834d ago )

Your always the first to comment on hhg related videos, are you his bitch or something?.

after project cafe rumors, hhg make claims as his own.
after GOW4 rumor hits front page, hhg make claims as his own.

I see a pattern here, trying to make yourself credible with rumors when your not, pulling crap out of your hat.

You professorial? far from it.

Blad3star2833d ago

Dear MS

Please make sure that this fool stays away from anything 360.

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I'm pumped more GOW to love that.

math2834d ago (Edited 2834d ago )

You know it's funny HHG has to go out of his way to make a video claiming that he started the God of War 4 News when back on Februrary 6th there was a job listing posted for a new God of War Title. I remember because three days later he made that video saying it was exclusive news, but it wasn't. It had already permiated across the web the God of War 4 was in development. Sheesh, we get it you want recognition.. But seriously don't go "calling out the industry" when there were people already posting up news on the God of War job listing leak. Days before your "breaking news"

It's one thing to stand up for yourself when you're right. It's another to just grandstand for no reason.


I'm gonna say you really don't know what your talking about. Most video producers don't record, edit and release a video in the same day....I know because I am one. Also HHG has blown the lid off of stories so many times way before anyone else but yet 99% of gamers or so ignorant that they automatically think he is lying...Dreamcast games on PSN/XBL, Kratos in MK.

I know you'll most likely come back with some ignorant response like...well if you guess enough then your bound to be right...not in this industry...been gaming for 20 plus years and those who guess are always wrong.

Rant done.

math2833d ago (Edited 2833d ago )

If if he wanted credit for the news it needed to come from him first not the job listing. If he sat on the video too long that's his fault. No need to blame "gaming journalism" for his tardiness.

Brian52472834d ago

This guy is a total trainwreck. He's like the black Glenn Beck of games journalism.

SuperLupe2834d ago

Dude hate him if you wanna but this isnt the first time he's freaks me out too.

So rather than some random personal attack stick to the subjuct or something.

SolidSystem2834d ago

@ superlupe

its not that we dont think he cant actually have news. its how he makes things up often for hits. he has flame bait articles to get hits.

he over all has showed little professionalism.

that is why I never go to his site anymore.

gaden_malak2834d ago

Sensational headlines? You mean like every other journalist in the world?

Ever see the Simpsons episode with Kent Brockmans Action News?

"President Reagan DIES...his hair"

SolidSystem2834d ago


its not like I like them better. Hip Hop Gamer happened to hit a particular nerve with me when one day I was catching up on the news ran across some of his BS only to find out how much he made up and it was actually an article about what he would like to see, not the "CONFIRMED" that he put in the title.

Treal-Since2834d ago (Edited 2834d ago )


You know "flame bait" and "sensationalized" article titles are here to stay in games journalism. HHG isn't the first, only, or last to commit such a "crime", lol.

I'm not a fan of that stuff either, but, meh. What I hate more than that is how he has "confirmed" false things in the past, lol. That's not a good look! I haven't seen anything like that recently, though.


As for his "professionalism", I don't think he adheres to the same standards as the rest of the industry. People don't have to like it, but he has his own style. One that's underground and down to our level. He isn't bounded by any company's policies, only himself. You say that you don't visit the site for that reason, and that's fine.

I don't visit his site either, but I enjoy watching some of his videos.

QuePasa872834d ago

Reminds me of Pachter, make enough random guesses and one is bound to come true every now and then.

Mr Patriot2834d ago

Hiphopgamer is teh man lol

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