Too Human Hands-On: Not Just an Action Game

GameSpot pays a visit to Silicon Knights and find out that there's much more to Too Human than just fast-paced action. There's still an awful lot that gamers don't know about the game but GameSpot has some new info.

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Bazookajoe_834020d ago

Because of the legal issues with epic...

dragunrising4020d ago

Makes me feel 100x better about this game. It seems to be a genre blender (action, rpg, adventure, fighter) with plenty to do . Finally some positive press for Too Human. Hopefully it lives up to all its been promised to deliver.

kn4020d ago

In that Kotaku said it was bland and figured the game was going to be a a "mess" based on the Video from Game Trailers. This is the second or third hands-on that has stated that there is a lot more going on that what appears on the surface...

ThaGeNeCySt4020d ago

I'm still a believer in this game, and some of those screenshots are jaw dropping IMO

darkside4020d ago

For Silicon Knights it's a fight to the death with Epic! lol