New Army of Two Screenshots

A hot new batch of Army of Two screenshots have just hit the net, and they're looking as good as ever.

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vaan4024d ago

The graphics on the characters in this game look sweet. Unfortunately, the background and everything else looks crap. What do you think?

wil4hire4024d ago (Edited 4024d ago )

Yea its fine for walls, some surfaces. But Devs need to stop replacing buckles/straps/armor geometry with texture maps. It looks terrible.

The shaders in this game are also very very very lacking. Very flat. EA is a lazy developer and this game shows. How hard it is to possibly add a wake to the boat in the water? Just a flat quake-wars esque texture w/an alpha on a card would do. They dont do it.

Sure its going to be a kickass game. But visually, nothing spectacular for this generation.

CaliGamer4024d ago

This game does look good, but if I am not mistake EA has a hand somewhere in this and I am very apprehensive when there name comes up linked to a game.
The premise seems cool tho, and the production value also looks to be top notch. I will let one of my fellow PS3 owner buy it before I spend my money on it tho, just in case they try any funny business like they did with Madden among others.

Bazookajoe_834024d ago

I had high hopes of this game, but then i realized it was EA...