The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay – Why is this such a great game? says: This is one of those games that proves two points in gaming, the first being that movies translated to games can be successful, and the second is that linear games can be awesome fun! Now these two points are usually seen in a negative light with any other game title — especially the linear style gameplay. Titles such as the Call of Duty series have suffered from the same repetitive linear style gameplay, but when used in the correct environment, linear style gameplay can be a lot of fun...

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Raven_Nomad3802d ago

Was one of the killer apps on the original XBox. I actually bought the new Riddick game that came with an updated game of Butcher Bay but I never played through it, didn't want to ruin the amazing memories I had with the original.

Lykon3802d ago

I played this recently and was impressed with the atmosphere , reminded me of the darkness in terms of the feel of the environments.

stuntman_mike3802d ago (Edited 3802d ago )

I think its more to do with the Riddick character than anything else, he's a well made character. he embodies the true anti-hero, because even though you play as him you still not sure which way his gonna go. he might save one then let the next die.

wallis3802d ago

Actually, and trust me it hurts to admit this, it's probably because of Vin Diesel.

He's a big gamer and is really into D&D and science fiction. How many day to day gamers get the opportunity and the money to make and publish a video game they know will have market appeal (the riddick character is quite popular...well it was until the sequel)?

So instead of the usual "license the unreal engine and give it the Ukrainian grad student I paid to fix my ipod" you've got a guy who regularly plays video games, has access to a franchise he helped create, and the committment to at least maintain the creative vision of the project.

I'm not saying creating games is easy, but if you talk a thirty year old male who regularly plays video games and is heavily into the scene, remove the majority of problems (talent, funding, connections, etc.) and give him enough cash to just hire the necessary programmers and artists then I'm actually quite confident you've got an 8/10 chance of making a solid game. Not a great game, but a damned good effort.

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