Sakaguchi's Top 5 Games

Gameplayer takes a look at Sakaguchi's impressive resume and pick out the five games that are arguably his best.

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ngg123454019d ago (Edited 4019d ago )

Those were made by matasuno, and kitase. He had a major part in those games which is a producer. Amazed that he is getting credit for games he didn't even make. Shows how naive this site is when they list blue dragon over final fantast tatics, super mario rpg, ff6, and parasite eve. All better then blue dragon.

Ludwig4018d ago

Erm, he DID ff7 .. wrote/directed/etc etc etc .. it's not because Nomura is taking it over it means he didn't do it.

Chrono Trigger was not done by either kitase or matsuno .. it was a third team later split into the guys from Baten Kaitos and some other teams. But yes, Sakaguchi had a BIG role in the game, and so did the Enix team (akira toriyama and such.) ..

Lex Luthor4018d ago

Hironobu Sakaguchi created the FF7 story along with nomura.

Rai4018d ago

he didn't make vagrant story..

WilliamRLBaker4018d ago (Edited 4018d ago )

not only isn't it his PERSONAL list I.E he chose out his fav games that site did.

He did not do most of the storyline for ff7 (this is fact) he was part of the process, but most of the storyline and flow we're established by others.

And he didn't create Vagrant story he was only the producer, nearly every thing in that game was created by the other members.

They left out all his other amazing games.
FFT (he was game producer but he had a major hand in dev, unlike ff7 which in interviews hes admited he didn't have a big hand, and is easily seeable since the flow of that game is drastically different then Sakaguchi-sans past flow and methods)
and thats just the short list of games I enjoyed.

cloud3604018d ago

I know that guy would have killed FFVII.

He originaly planned on making the game a detective story.

What a joke. Sakaguchi is good