Spider-Man 3 Blu-ray Disc Review for the Future Ps3 Bundle - 9/10

Since Sony's supposedly releasing a Ps3 bundled with Spiderman 3, DailyGame has decided to submit a review for those who plan on getting the bundle. In this reveiew, they write:

"Spider-Man 3 on Blu-ray Disc easily makes up for the not-quite-there delivery this past summer. From great video quality to lossless audio to six hours of special features (including the commentaries), all this two-disc set is missing is a BD-J game. And maybe a mini Stan Lee packed in every box. The character development in the movie itself may still rub some viewers the wrong way, but as a Blu-ray Disc release, Spider-Man 3 is all a Spider-Man fan could have realistically asked for or expected. - 9/10"

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andy0014024d ago

Blu Ray has definitely made a difference when you compare this to the Transformers release. All the extras AND lossless audio. Shame that Paramount decided to choose cash over the customer.

Really looking forward to adding this to my (small) Blu ray collection

Skerj4024d ago

I felt really slighted over the Transformers release too, and I'm contemplating not even buying the Blu-Ray release when it eventually does come out because of that crap.

cuco334024d ago

Last I checked Transformers for HD DVD had higher scores than Spiderman 3 as in 5/5 for both PQ and AQ, 8/10 for PQ and 10/10 for AQ, and 10/10 overalls on many places where Spidey 3 got under that at 4/5, 4.5/5, and 9/10 as you see here.

Let's look at the FACTS children and not read about specs you know NOTHING about.

The whole lossless argument... PROFESSIONALS will tell you 99% of the people can't tell the difference in audio above 320kps, sure DD+ isn't lossless but 1.5mps DD+ (which TF is) >> any lossy track out there (which are 900kps). Blind tests have also shown that one can not tell the difference between lossy and lossless. DD+ is an HD audio format already so what's the issue?! The reviews praised the sound track hence the 5/5. The lossless argument is nothing more than ANOTHER useless spec that the blu boys try to show 'superiority', similar to the bandwidth and disc space issue for HDM. Try getting your format finalized first before you try to hash out a what the consumer wants. Sadly HDM might swing towards the land of the fanboys aka PS3 trolls who don't even buy BDs

Want to know something else? TF is PACKED with features, as in 90% more features the blu boys will never see ;)

Now watch all the proBD aka PS3 fanboys disagree with me. It's all truth fellas, I can link you to countless quotes, test results and the truth but none of you would understand it and deem those with 20+ yrs experience as liars :rollseyes:

mesh14024d ago

hahaha this article proves dailygame is a ps3 fanboy site and lol to the ps3 fanboys posing this garbage plz au bring me real news like new up and coming games coming out for 2008 alan wake for e.g .

Prismo_Fillusion4024d ago

Just out of curiousity, I'd like to know how many HD-DVDs the same amount of content would have taken up.

And that's not a bash at HD-DVD, I'm really just a curious lad.

WIIIS14024d ago

9/10!!! Holy sh!t first AAA stuff ever, that's just amazi... wait its not a game? Damn!

xhi44024d ago

Not too shabby. I wasn't too...err 'esctatic' about the actual movie, was very long and action packed, character wise as they mentioned, was not developed nearly enough and to the level of complexity as they should have, I just didn't get that 'wow that was a great movie' feeling. But yer I'll anyway a buy it on blu-ray with all it's extras, I mean it was a good movie, just not a GREAT movie like I wanted it to be. Anyway it's a movie I can watch over and over again whenever I'm bored, so it's all good.

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