NextGen: Why did Halo 3 leave Japan so quickly?

After enjoying its minute on the Japanese charts at number one, Halo 3 is nowhere to be seen. Plus, more on the exclusive Monster Hunter 3 Wii deal. In NextGen's Tim Rogers' Japan report, he writes:

"Why did Halo 3 bow out so quickly? If you recall, last week, I predicted that perhaps 58,000 was merely the exact population of Japanese Halo fans. The population has grown quite dramatically in the last six years, though it's still not blockbuster material. Looking at this week's charts, my hypothesis feels about right.

Surely, Halo 3 isn't yet dead in Japan: the theme of Japanese game sales as of the last few years has been "word-of-mouth". Word of mouth helped Nintendo DS explode into superstardom; it was a slow burn at first, though right about now the fire is pretty hot. And at a time when so many "hardcore" Japanese gamers are disillusioned with the state of games, maybe Halo 3 is a beacon of purity, of raw gaming experience. Maybe friends will tell friends about how great deathmatches are, or how awesome it is to co-op Legendary difficulty. Maybe the iron-pumping shooter freaks will get involved. Slowly, the game will start to sell. Who knows?"

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razer4024d ago

It's Japan! It's typically not a place for FPS games and the 360 just doesn't sell well there.. The same reason I don't want to play Anime games where the dudes look like girls and everyone takes turns fighting or play as a piece of poop (yes I've seen the Japanese fascination with characters that are poo)..

I don't expect Halo 3 to make much of dent in Japan, unlike Lost Odyssey or Infinite Undiscovery have the potential too.

IdontTakeSides4024d ago (Edited 4024d ago )

I agree with you..about them not liking FPS..but Resistance sold quite ok over there considering it's also a FPS...and I dont think Lost Odyssey will do that great..but I could be wrong I mean all they have to do is mention it's made by the creator of Final Fantasy

BloodySinner4024d ago

Yeah, the sales were alright because it was on a PlayStation console.

vaan4024d ago (Edited 4024d ago )

They just do not have enough games that Japanese gamers tend to gravitate toward.

CaliGamer4024d ago

MS is not big in Japan, and the taste of the gamers over there is different. To point out Halo 3 poor performance in Japan is a bit messed up, but I guess in all fairness to not report it would be a form of censorship. Interesting how Dragon Ball has been popular for so long in Japan, I guess they can't get enough of Goku.

projectile4024d ago

Blue dragon is selling pretty well. I dont know if the numbers from vgchartz is correct but:
Blue dragon is outselling resistance pretty well. Lost oddesy will probably do even better. I would like a final fantasy game for xbox but bluedragon seemed a little to childish. Lost oddyesy seems to much more my kind of game. Great game for me and my GF :)

titntin4024d ago

The japs call it like they see it. They are not as hot on FPS games anyway, and they simply don't accept all the hype that has been used to sell Halo 3. I personally believe its the most over hyped game ever, and it has been a serious disapointment to me, its not not moved on at all from the brilliant original. Doesn't suprise me that in a country where they make their own minds up its not flying off the shelves...

As for 360's fortunes, there are several factors harming its abillity to sell.
The woefull way in which Microsoft shafted xbox 1 users will have given cause for concern as your typical Jap gamer will keep and use a machine for a lot more than 4 years and expects longer support.

Reliability issues are more of a concern in this market - quality hardware is absolute 'must' if you want to sell in Japan, and the 360's reliabillity issues will have harmed its chances badly.

For all that I like about it - a specced up 360 has too many bulky boxes, is very noisy, and generates a lot of heat. In a typical Jap room, which is much smaller than here in the west, these issues are even more annoying than they are for us.

Last but not least is the software catalougue. Its dominated by western shooters that have a limited appeal in the Jap market. The kind of innoventive quirky titles and RPG's that really sell systems in Japan are few and far between, and theres really only a handfull of titles that fall into this catagory.

Given these factors, its no real suprise that the 360, and Halo 3, have not done the buisness in Japan.

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