Test Drive Unlimited - Camaro Video

Atari and Eden Games today released a new video of their upcoming game Test Drive Unlimited. The video shows off the Camaro that will be one of the many cars in the game. Test Drive Unlimited will be available on the Xbox 360 on September 5th for just $40.

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TheMART5375d ago

Too bad it won't be about 40 Euro's overhere! But well I liked the 2nd demo that is just out on XBL Marketplace!

I am looking forward to the reviews

360Borrowedtime5375d ago

Then no good games, now no good games lol, how long has the 360 been out, oh wait 1 good game oblivion, my mistake lol hahhahahhahaha!

starbug one5373d ago

Yes Oblivion is a great game. I'm sick of people saying there's nothing good on 360. If the genre doesn't appeal to you that's one thing. I bought the 360 specifically to play M IV. Upgrading the processor in my pc to something that would run it would cost me more than the 360 not including graphix card.

With over 300 hours I've put in, more than enough entertainment for my $.

I have GRAW as well It's impressive but I usually just play that w/ freinds.