Kotaku: Why Are SCEA Quiet On The 40GB PS3?

In this article, Kotaku asks, "Where the 40GB PS3 at, North America?" Kotaku goes on to write:

"Europe, Japan and Australia either have it or are getting it soon, so you just know you're going to follow. And by all accounts you'll be following on November 2. So where's SCEA's announcement? Nowhere, that's where.

See, the PAL territories were ready for this. Europe had already worked out a bundle deal to clear 60GB stocks, while Australia went one step further and cut off retail supply of the superceded model altogether. The US, on the other hand, has a problem. According to Michael "Once Was A Teenage Prophet" Pachter, there's still a ton of PS3s on the shelf. Which means SCEA are in a pickle! Either they hold off on introducing the 40GB model until they've sold more 60GB models, or they do what Europe did and bundle the 60 with a game and controller to get rid of the things."

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IdontTakeSides4024d ago

Maybe they're just trying to make it up to EU for giving them the PS3 last..kk..all jokes aside...all they have to do is just announce a date...and right now isn't the right time yet I guess...cuz they still want ppl to buy the 60GB and 80GB..if they go make an announcement..ppl will probably wait till the price lowers..which would probably cause a drop in hardware enuff of these 40GB post...!!

birdmandan4024d ago

I really am having a hard time grasping the backwards compatibilty issues.... I would NOT have bought a PS3 if it was not able to play PS2 and Playstation games.

I'm happy I got in on the 2nd shipment of 60 GBs then.

As for 40 GB, I'm not understanding all the varying hard drive sizes if you can buy a separate hard drive as well.

IdontTakeSides4024d ago

BC isn't such a big deal im sure Sony is gonna implement it when they've sold a good amount of 40GB ...and witht he Hard drive's upgradeable yes..but Sony is maing sure that all PS3's have a hard drive becuase of the importance it plays in playing PS3 games it's all about giving us gamers options if you want to play online games right out the box you can..remeber back in the PS2 days not every game was online unlike most XBOX games...!!

Blitzed4024d ago (Edited 4024d ago )

The drive size changes is just cost and value balance. The upgrade to the 80G was probably because of savings with the use software emulation for BC, among other cost savings that come with manufacturing time. That way they could keep the price at $599 for the 80G. I think they should have just stuck with the 60G at $499. The rumor is the 80G is dropping to $499 at some point. If you've ever been in a corporate boardroom, its easy to understand things being handled so poorly.

birdmandan4024d ago

I guess what I was referring to was the fact that, why not keep it at 2 standard HD sizes: 20 GB and 60 GB.

Instead, we now have 20, 40, 60, and 80. Why not just keep 2 basic HD sizes to sell to the public (say 20 and 60) and varying HD upgrades (in say, 20 GB increments)?

IdontTakeSides4024d ago (Edited 4024d ago )

Actually the 20GB is only for sale in Japan and on the internet..they've stop manufacturing 60GB's once all supplies of it is completely sold out it's gone for good...that leaves us with the 40GB and the 80GB....problem solved...!!

@guy below

It will be out b4 the holidays it's a given ...they alot of ppl will buy PS3's during that time...!!

IntelligentAj4024d ago

I wish they would stop playing games and let people know whether they are going to drop the price or not. I'm waiting for the announcement so I can get my money together to buy it as soon as the price drops. I am sure there are a lot of other people who are waiting for the same.

poopface14024d ago

They dont want to anounce it too soon because some people would hold off on buying the other versions if they could soon get the chaeper one. This is just common sense on sony part.

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