US Playstation 3 40GB Shows Up In Target Store Scan

Here's another source listing the upcoming stock of the US Playstation 3 40GB model, packed with Spider-Man.Gaming Bits is assuming it is Spider-Man 3, since it's showing an in-stock date of 10/28/07, very close to the 10/30 release of the Spider-Man 3 Blu-ray (as well as the Spider-man 3 DVD and the Spider-Man High Definition Trilogy Blu-Ray).

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aiphanes5985d ago

Its a given now....November 2th....

xplosneer5985d ago

Just announce it already....

IdontTakeSides5985d ago

Yes the Ps3 will come out Nov 2nd I think.. but the reason Sony isn't really saying ne thing as of yet is bcuz they don't want consumers to hold off on buying a PS3..

tocrazed4you5985d ago

As many 60gigs as they can before they officially announce it.

PopEmUp5985d ago

This is the many reasons that they won't say even at TGS where they say they have no plan on having price cut this year for the PS3

supermandead6665985d ago

Just release the freakin 40 gig already.

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TimeSplitters 4 prototype found on eBay and gameplay may emerge soon

Somehow a PlayStation prototype of TimeSplitters 4 has been unearthed on eBay, and many are waiting for the package to meet its new owner.

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XiNatsuDragnel16h ago

Excited to see these prototypes out there and I hope the internet can play them.

aaronaton12h ago

From the leaked screenshots, it looks better than the recent cancelled Timesplitters game imo.


The 7 Best Sega CD Games and How to Play Them Today

The Sega CD (aka Mega CD) had some classics that still live on today. Here's the 7 best Sega CD games & how to play them on modern consoles.

banger881d 5h ago (Edited 1d 5h ago )

Series X/S + Dev Mode. It's a shame the retail mode emulators got removed, dev mode looks like a pain in the ass.

Neonridr1d 4h ago

I use the Analogue Mega SG console coupled with a Mega SD everdrive that allows me to play Sega CD games through the cartridge without the need for the CD add-on. Have the 8-bitdo Sega Genesis 6 button wireless controller and it's the closest thing I can get to playing it as it was originally without owning old hardware.

Number1TailzFan1d ago

Final Fight was a great game on the CD, not only on the system but as a fighting game of the time as well. Up there in some ways with Streets of Rage 2 IMO. It's too bad they didn't continue putting the rest of them on there, the music is top notch too.