Interview: Hironobu Sakaguchi

"I have always looked upon Final Fantasy as a son, but Lost Odyssey and Blue Dragon are like my newborn daughters."

Gameplayer talks to legendary RPG developer Hironobu Sakaguchi (Chrono Trigger / Blue Dragon Creator) about his new studio Mistwalker, facing off against his 'son' Final Fantasy and what he believes is the key to a good story.

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PS360WII4114d ago

I was hoping for a little something about A.S.H. ah well. The interview guy wasn't too good I feel. He kept wanting to talk about how he felt about Final Fantasy and Blue Dragon. He didn't sound the least bit interested in Lost Odyssey. Ah well still looking forward to LO. I really liked Blue Dragon and seems like he's going to be a busy guy making even more games.

jackfatal4113d ago

we have no places for traitors!!
i dont want any 360 fans to attack me just because i called him traitor because imagine bungie goes exclusive for ps3? how will u feel about them?? thats exactly the same with him!!

PS360WII4113d ago

how is he a traitor? Are you talking about the Final Fantasy franchise that started on Nintendo? So what if he is making some 360 games. The xbox is in need of RPG's for sony has plenty coming. He even made a DS game so it's not like he's 360 only.

jackfatal4113d ago

because he stopped making games for sony!
about final fantasy! we all know that final fantasy went high to the sky with the playstation brand not nintendo!!
as i remember square soft that time had very big financial problems and if it wasnt for FF7,8,9 then probably we wouldnt see square enix now!!

PS360WII4113d ago

Yea they were in financial problems before Final Fantasy 1 came out. It's that one game that saved their butts. Which is why it was called Final Fantasy. Anyway he was let go so he's hardly a traitor and people like you need to chill out. Any game can go to any console that's not a 1st party game. Square Enix is not owned by Sony nor is Mistwalker. If they so choose to make a game outside of what they normally would then go for it. With statement like yours I hope Square Enix will bring Final Fantasy to any other console besides PS3 for the fans are too whinny/demanding to deserve anything exclusive.

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The story is too old to be commented.