MX vs. ATV Alive Hands-On Preview | CheatCC

CheatCC says - Subtitling the newest iteration of MX vs. ATV "Alive" seems a bit disingenuous. I mean, it's not like the series was dead before. In fact, I really liked the previous entry, MX vs. ATV Reflex, and was impressed by the hardcore sim mechanics introduced in a franchise that was so well known for its pulse-pounding arcade feel. However, after playing "Alive" for several hours, I can see how the name fits. Though the core gameplay mechanics are basically the same as they were in Reflex, there are plenty of new features that will give gamers who have gotten a little bit bored with the franchise in the past a little boost. And though I played the game in a room full of people, it was hard not to give a little fist pump when I succeeded at a particular goal. The game certainly elicits emotional responses from players, and in this way is full of vitality. And really, isn't that what the world of motocross and automotive simulation all about?

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