IBM's Kahle defends Cell, Sony PS3 on CoD4 issue

Pundits have made comparisons between versions of Activision and Infinity Ward's upcoming Sony PlayStation 3, Windows PC, and Microsoft Xbox 360 video game Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. It was pointed out that CoD4: Modern Warfare looks no better on the Sony PS3 than it does on rival console Microsoft Xbox 360. This prompted IBM Cell Project architect Jim Kahle to react.

Kahle said that the next-generation of gaming is taking on more than just pushing graphics to extremes. He indicated that artificial intelligence (AI) will be higher on the priority list than ever before.

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Clinton5144024d ago

Before the trolls march in...I can't say I've played any next gen title with AI that frightens me just yet.

Difficulty(eg. AI not missing shots) doesn't really count in my book. I want to see enemies making frighteningly human like decisions. I hope we see that sometime soon.

nasim4024d ago

"With that said, the console similarities end when it comes to textures, lighting and resolutions, because those three areas make the PlayStation 3 version definitely excel over the Xbox 360 SKU."

Close_Second4024d ago

...AI has not been at all impressive thus far this gen. Yes, some games have shown an improvement but nothing that would make you think you're playing against a computer opponent that actually had a brain.

I especially hate end-of-level bosses that react and attack with a predefined set of patterns. That to me is so last-gen but yet was standard fare in Gears of War. I've said it before but slick graphics does not a next-gen title make. I guess thats why on-line gaming has become so popular - much more challenging to take on human opponents.

@Nasim: Wow, you'll have to tell the puppeteer to remove his hand and arm from your ass so you can come up with your own opinion sometime. You surely are the king of repeating what others have said that support your fanboyism.

dragunrising4024d ago

Off topic: being an ignorant fanboy doesn't make you a man or impress anyone. Playing make believe that you even own a gaming console is pretty impressive. I'll believe you have a PS3 when I see your PS3 tag. Your bio says your ignored by 164 people!!! ZOMG!!!

On topic: I don't care if the PS3 surpasses the graphics of "inferior" consoles. At least Sony will make good on the promise that it made of having a superior product (graphically). People seem to believe in it, including IBM, so its probably more powerful than we've seen. I have to buy one before all the 60 gig sku's are sold out:-p (backward compatibility included!!!)

Capt CHAOS4024d ago

Play online. That's why I do.

InMyOpinion4024d ago

I think Halo 3 has good enemy AI on the harder levels.

And please don't disagree with me until you've actually played it yourself. I know there are a lot of Halo haters here, most of which probably have never been in contact with the game.

JsonHenry4024d ago

Lol, he should be a politician. He completely avoided the graphical comparison question. Which would leave me to believe he is just happy that the PS3 version in on par with the 360.

HOWEVER - he is TOTALLY correct in saying that AI needs to be improved. So far I have witnessed nothing next gen about ANY game or console in terms of AI.

If Sony can in fact use the CELL the make AI seem more "life-like" then I will be the happiest PS3 owner in all the lands.

ry-guy4024d ago

I agree that graphics are at the edge, and I agree AI needs to be improved... but at the same time I wonder how far that needs to go.

I, personally, enjoy the old gamer cliche where bosses have a predetermined weakness and go through patterns of attack/defend/open for that single attack. Wash, rinse, repeat. If I want to play killer AI, I will go online (as someone else pointed out).

For purposes of single player story lines, perhaps AI should increase with difficulties or adapt to a players abilities instead of just bumping up the damage their weapons do. Personally, I would love to practice against bots that act and react like humans do for training purposes (I get sick and tired of hearing whinny and smack talk). However, those days are borderline with true AI.

I think AI will always be one step behind human players. It in the end they are all using a predetermined set of reactions to your actions and you can eventually recognize their patterns.

Kleptic4024d ago (Edited 4023d ago )

@ Jenzo...I completely disagree with you...and therefor I clicked the button...

Halo 3 could be said to be harder on Legendary...but that is hardly what makes impressive AI...and for the record I have played through the game 3 times...just recently on legendary...

Your logic would say that Halo 3 has no better AI than Quake III...a game that wasn't even released this century...No one can beat that game on one...iD has admitted that...every shot fired will hit you, most of the time even rockets...that doesn't make impressive AI...that doesn't make an AI opponent react to your moves realisticly...this is exactly what happens with Halo 1...2...3...and pretty much every other fps out there...and what about your AI controlled comrades in halo 3?...why do I constantly see them firing at random rocks for no reason?...or get stuck behind a barrel?...halo 3 does have some enemies doing things more impressive than the bot based Quake III...but to the tone of a Quake III engine game like Return to Castle Wolfenstien...they would kick grenades back at you...use squad based tactics on you marginally, and sometimes run away from you if you get a bead on them from a funny position....and by the way that game was released in 2001...

So far, imo, the most impressive AI of any fps has been FEAR...their flanking tactics, the way they give orders to one another, and the ability to be "frightened" when enemy numbers are cut down...makes for an experience second to none in that department...halo 3 doesn't come close to that...

but I agree with everyone else...AI truly needs to be pushed now...AI standards have not been raised much for the better part of 7 have been pushed...on screen goings-on have increased exponentially...but your enemies still behave like your retarded neighbor with a bubble lawnmower...somethings got to give soon...

Wii60_FTW4023d ago (Edited 4023d ago )

Halo 3 on Legendary = best AI on the planet right now. Just try beating the game on Solo Legendary and you'll know all about it. It has absolutely nothing to do with how much damage their weapons do to you; it has everything do with with how they think and react. Bottom line: No over-hyped, blew-ray movie decoder (Cell), required.

ATLRoAcH4023d ago

COD:4 is 720p at 60fps on the PS3.Isn't that a good thing compared to ports.Its clear a multi-plat isn't going to push the PS3.DUH!

dantesparda4023d ago (Edited 4023d ago )

I agree with you that FEAR has the best AI, it also has some of (but not the best) physics and partical effects (and im not talking about the 360 version either, cuz the PC version has better particle effects than the 360 one).

@ BlueBrad
Not to bright are you? "Core coding reliability", LOL! Just making terms up are we?

bluebrad19744023d ago

First, ps3 will never have the A.I. capacity of the 360. It lacks the core coding reliability. This is a flat fact and is non-negotiable. I highly doubt that a game like Viva Pinata could be made properly for the ps3. There are too many unique a.i. algorythms all happening at once.

It should be common knowledge by now that the Cell is garbage as a gaming cpu. The Cell is the video image decoder for the blu-ray player in the ps3. That is why Sony used the Cell, it's sure as hell not because it was good for gaming.

ATLRoAcH4023d ago

SHUT UP!Go play your 360 and keep your narrow minded opinions to yourself.

Kleptic4023d ago


Cell is a video decoder for blu ray only?...then why isn't there a cell in any other Sony BD player?...I bet there isn't a Cell in those other players because you are a dumbfeck...

and coding reliability?...dude seriously...just stop living...

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Panthers4024d ago

I think that most Multiplatform games are going to look pretty much the same on all systems (PS3 and 360 in this case). Devs dont want to make one system seem better than the other unless they are going exclusive on that system.

However, I thought that they said the lighting and stuff was a little better on the PS3 version?

getrdone4024d ago

Dont forget about ea, because they seem to favor the xbox 360.

harpua4024d ago

"the console similarities end when it comes to textures, lighting and resolutions, because those three areas make the PlayStation 3 version definitely excel over the Xbox 360 SKU." said the PS3 version was better.

Dareaver14024d ago (Edited 4023d ago )

but the Sony fanboys will have you believe that, but it is only slightly true. IW said that the two that were viewed were from different points of development. The PS3 version was 3 weeks ahead of the 360 version in development. So not all the features were present in the 360 version at that time. IW said that they will be identical, i don't think they would lie about their own product.

EDIT:@ below, yeah, unfortunately that is what is going to happen. Unfortunately it seems as though Fanboys have a bigger voice than true gamers. And they are ruining the perception of what people consider to be gamers. They are all immature, and have the mind-set of a schoolyard bully, all trying to justify their purchases. I have a 360 (and unfortunately it had to be sent off for the dreaded 3 lights) and i love Halo 3, Gears of War, Bioshock, Lost Planet, N3, Forza 2, Skate, and most of the Live Arcade games; but i also am interested in Drake and R&C so i'm gonna have to buy a 60gig PS3 before they are sold out (because i still want to play God of War 2 and i'm still playing Shadow of the Colossus.) It's just that some of the Sony Fanboys are irritating to the point where it affects my feelings towards Sony, because if you ask me, i don't like how they are marketing the PS3. Talking down the competition and screaming about their hardware. Let the games show me that. That's what i think.

Panthers4023d ago

Making sure each version is identical is key when it comes to Multiplatform games. Otherwise you will have a lot of angry fanboys saying they will never buy from your company again. However their will be comparison videos, and I guarantee that people will find differences even though they will both look exactly alike.

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Agent VX4024d ago

Blah blah blah....that's all we get from these clowns.

And the PS3 deserves the highly touted name of "WAITStation 3", cause that's all anybody associated with Sony keeps flapping, all the while the general public is smarting up to the idea that the PS3 is "not all that!!!"

Gamespot-equals-EGM4024d ago

Clowns? STFU. This guy helped design the Cell processor.

He knows more about CPU's and computer hardware than you, your family and all of your friends combined.

games4fun4024d ago (Edited 4024d ago )

they will be very much the same game on both consoles kind of expect it on a multiplat game. first post about cod4 for me

Aniperk4024d ago

Ofcourse it looks the same cause its a multiplatfrom game and its
being developed from A to Z on an inferior platform(xbox). Now to
make a right and proper port to ps3 cell architecture its up to the
budget and the effort of Activision.

I really wonder if one day one company tried to port Killzone 2 to xbox
what would that look? (if it is possible ofcourse)

Agent VX4024d ago

LOL, the inferior platform seems to be the PS3, with it's shotty cell and memory, inferior video card. That's why us in the gaming world give the nickname to the PS3 as the StutterStation, stuttering at 30fps.

It can't even run 360 games at half the fps, and it stutters while it's at it.

Killzone would look so much better on the 360, not that we really want a second rate game though. You keep that average title, I hear PS3 owners would love to play an average game.

wil4hire4024d ago (Edited 4024d ago )

Is capable of doing HD games at stable frame rates? Motorstorm, Ninja Gaiden Sigma, Oblivion, Warhawk, Resistance Fall of man, etc.

I am sure you will bring up an "AAA" argument. But what does that have to do with HD games running at stable 30-60fps frame rates?

LOL @ the Disagree coward. I'd love to see your response. lol seriously, what is there to disagree with?