GamePro grills Killzone 2 producer Steven Ter Heide

GamePro's Sid Shuman grills Killzone 2 producer Steven Ter Heide about the lethal planet of Helghan and Killzone 2's new gameplay...including jumping!

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wil4hire4023d ago

"It's pretty obvious (at least to us) that Killzone 2 has some of the best graphics ever seen."

All killzone needs to do is be an entertaining FPS w/entertaining story, normal controls with 6 axis options.

The rest of the games engine seems to be a technological stepping stone for the way games will be made in the future. One can only hope that the entire game world can appreciate the leaps and bounds this team is trying to make here.

Kudos for the post.

fenderputty4023d ago

It's a shame that some will totally ignore that simple fact.

IdontTakeSides4023d ago (Edited 4023d ago )

I agree also it's nice to see Killzone finally getting the props it deserves..cuz I played the first one and it wasn't total crap as everyone made it out to be...i have no doubt that KLZ2..will be a great we need is for ppl to stop comparing it to certain games cuz it's in a league by itself at this point in time..!!

harpua4023d ago

"It is not a luxury to have Blu-ray, but rather a necessity. I mean, the level that we showed at E3 topped out around 2GB!"

DVD9 = last gen

TheHater4023d ago

agree that blue ray is need this generation of gaming. Come on 2 Gigs per level? That insane by itself. I wounder if they will be the second to use a 50GB Blue Ray disk. MGS 4 is also using a 50GB Blue Ray disk

beast4023d ago

I am proud of them how they manage to live up to E3 when everyone and there mother had them doomed.

wil4hire4023d ago

footage looks just as good as the target. NO ONE said peep about it either.

pwnsause4023d ago

hopefully they can bring the hair/fur to life, cause that was one of the things that made me go beserk about the 2005 trailer

wil4hire4023d ago

hair interpolation between polygons, or just spline driven hair.. Its not a pretty sight come calculation time.

Hair alone on a sphere in 3dsudiomax\Using Shave & Haircut. Or In Maya is probably 30 seconds to render at 640X480.With no shadows, or anything just to see a puff of hair. This is on a quad core machine. I doubt the PS3 could do that, AND the rest of the calculations for KZ2 at any decent rate.

THe hair looks OK.

mesh14023d ago

key thing to get from this article is that when asked how they got this graphics its not the cell or the ps3 power that did it its a blue ray "( we al know disk space means nothing in terms of grpaics)"so this confirms to me that killzone 2 can be easily done on the 360 as u can store texture in other areas except the cd and also look at mass effect its not scrptied like kz2 which has narrow linear lvls an dmass effect has 60hr gameplay while kz2 will have like 10hr still mass effect has amazing grpics like cgi and gow imagine the made this game for 360 it ud look better than the ps3 version.

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tocrazed4you4023d ago

Are sounding really positive hopefully the game will live up to it or surpass it. Either way that was a great read.

ActionBastard4023d ago

...for 360 fans. It looks better than ANYTHING on ANY console EVER. I see people constantly hating on Killzone. "The PS2 Killzone sucked. Blah, Blah, Blah". Killzone was ok, not great, but not sh1t. Killzone Liberation was great. Killzone 2 looks amazing. So many haters before E3 got STFU after it was shown. Gotta love it.

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