NiGHTS Will Come to Rest This December

Sega announced today that NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams will be landing on the Wii this holiday season. The title was originally given a Winter 07 release date and many thought the game was delayed into 2008. Luckily Sega put those nightmares to rest today and announced that the title will be released on December 18.

NiGHTS: Journey of Dream is the long awaited sequel to NiGHTS into Dreams, which was originally released on the Sega Saturn. NiGHTS will have gamers flying in the world of Nightopia where they will have the maneuver through rings and collect hidden treasure to acquire new masks and other treasures.

With NiGHTS quickly approaching it is time to rest and dream of what will soon arrive.

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Prismo_Fillusion4480d ago

Is it just me, or are any other Wii owners just not excited about this game at all? The graphics look pretty awful (at least compared to the first party games) and "flying through rings" sounds quite dull. I'd love for more great Wii games, but what does this game offer?

Wii60PS3DSPSP4480d ago

Only true Sega fans will really appreciate this game. I have the original and it was awsome, and people who haven't played it before are missing out.

ItsDubC4480d ago

NiGHTS was one of my favorite games on the Saturn so this'll be a perfect Christmas present for me. There's actually more to the gameplay than just flying through rings, especially with the boss battles. I feel like I have more appreciation for the graphics because I had spent so much time playing the original, so they look pretty good to me actually.