Major League Gaming Comes to G4

G4 gets in the mix of professional gaming with coverage of the 2007 MLG Pro Circuit Tournament. Beginning Friday, November 16, G4 kicks off its coverage of the six-city tour, all leading up to the MLG National Championship in Las Vegas. Be a part of the action, when the best of the best come to decide gaming's true champion.

In addition to competition coverage, you'll also get a weekly inside look at the world of professional gaming, as we go inside the MLG Pro Circuit to see what it's like to be a pro gamer.

Catch all the tournament series game play and behind-the-scenes action, beginning Friday, November 16, at 11PM ET… only on G4.

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ngg123454488d ago

Who would have thought.

N4GayFanturds4487d ago

People still watch this channel?

It went downhill since 2005 & the game reviews/previews aren't even in HD. This channel is worse than WHYY late at nite!

Quickstrike4487d ago

slowly but surly G4 will one day go back to the way it was.
it will be a long time befor I will watch it 24/7

okcomputer4487d ago

Anyone else have that VOOM Hd gaming network? If not you should check it out, Cablevision offers it and once you watch it going back to g4 is impossible. Its ALL gaming 24/7 in 1080i.

Marceles4487d ago

it's turned into MTV the last couple of years...MTV not having anything to do with music, G4/Tech TV not having any tech/gaming shows at all. I even think one of those modeling shows was even on G4 one time....lame.