Kotaku: Another Look At Too Human

Silicon Knight's Too Human certainly looks epic. It's been so coated with high-quality texture details and next-gen lighting effects that graphics whores will surely turn tricks just to gaze upon Too Human's gratuitous normal mapping. The gameplay, however, it's looking kind of dull. We haven't had hands-on time with the game, unfortunately, but I'm putting five bucks on it being a beautiful mess.

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ry-guy4020d ago

I have to say, this is looking far better than the trailer I viewed a couple of months ago. This game has really come along in great strides. More importantly it looks just as slick as the Unreal engine they dropped.

However, I would still like to see and hear about game play. I still hold my breath over this game.

dachiefsman4020d ago

I am about ready to pass out...I have been holding my breath for way to long!!

power of Green 4020d ago

"BY MCWHERTOR AT 07:08 PM @atma: No, I haven't played it. No, I'm not "deeming" it anything. I'm just guessing, based on a number of factors. I'll happily be proven wrong when the game ships next year. Maybe the forthcoming demo will change my mind."

This is just a video with a somebodies opinion tagged on it. Question is who is the forum member giving his opinion with the video?.

green_ghost54020d ago

Uh-huh, and if this was coming to the PS3 I'm sure you would be all over it.

Hatchetforce4020d ago (Edited 4020d ago )

Maybe he just doesn't like it. personally I do but maybe it isn't his cup of tea. Maybe when you turn 24, or didn't that just happen 2 months ago, you will understand not everyone likes the same types of games. Don't have a heart attack. No one else here to read the machine.

razer4020d ago

I'd say it looks as good as Heavenly Sword.. Hopefully they will have massive battles with a lot of enemies on screen at once.. From what the dev's are saying there will be.

Kotaku have more PS3 fanboys than not.. So I am not surprised by their assumption even though this lamer blogger hasn't even played the game yet. Silicon Knights have a great reputation and even though the game has seen it share of delays/problems I think it will turn out great. If they wanted to just throw a POS game out, they could of done it..

sonarus4020d ago

The gameplay is however looking rather dull. It truly is hard to get excited for a game when its looking like this. Msoft is publshig it one would expect a lot more from an msoft game especially one thats supposed to be an epic trilogy and has been in development for so long. It has improved but the animations still look like crap and IMO the graphics are siply standard nothin spectacular about them jst standard 360 graphics

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The story is too old to be commented.