Open letter to Microsoft: Where is that Xbox Live Arcade Joystick?

This short editorial on GamingNexus asks why Microsoft has yet to come out with a decent wireless joystick for arcade titles despite users clamoring for one. With the 360 a month shy of it's second year anniversary you have to wonder why Microsoft keeps releasing so many arcade games without providing users with a better way to play them.

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Zhuk4025d ago

I agree MS should release a quality arcade stick for XBLA and classic games

razer4025d ago (Edited 4025d ago )

It's coming out to coinside with Virtual Fighter 5..

Then there is this one as well...

Personally I would go with the VF5 stick.

EDIT: It looks like you can actually buy it now from Gamespot and the user reviews seem very positive.

vgn244025d ago

Why is this approved and not in a forum? Is n4g really getting this bad?