It’s Official, The PSPgo Is Dead

Kotaku writes: "Today Sony Computer Entertainment confirmed yesterday's rumor that its digital-only portable the PSPgo was going out of production.

The Tokyo-based electronics giant told Japanese website AV Watch that new PSPgo units would no longer be manufactured or shipped "in order to concentrate on the NGP". The remaining PSPgo stock, however, will continued to be sold until it's gone."

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coryok3404d ago

having 5 consoles being manufactured simultaneously was too many for sony huh? lol

i bet the regular psp will continue to sell for many more years, just like ps2 did. they gotta have something for developing countries to buy!

paintsville3404d ago

Sony just had too many irons in the fire and IMO people aren't ready for digital only games. They want something tangible for their money. I'm one of them.

zootang3404d ago


Try and tell that to steam members.

jeseth3404d ago

I'm the same way .. . while I do buy DLC add ons sometimes, I always buy the physical product. There's no way to replace the feeling of buying and opening up a new game!

gamingdroid3404d ago

I don't think the digital only part was the problem. It had more to do with the abysmal support Sony gave the PSP Go and that is after you were insulted with their price tag.

a) Many games weren't released on time and then some weren't even released on the PSP Go like Sony promised.

b) The price difference between PSP-3000 and PSP Go, yet the PSP Go was the neutered portable. It's no wonder the PSP-3000 continues to be sold while the PSP Go is out!

The question now is what is going to happen to all the people that bought PSP Go? Will it continue to get the "abysmal" support or be completely forgotten now....

DaTruth3404d ago

The problem was that everybody that would want a PSP, already had one with disk games.

Everybody like me got one because we only had 2 disk games and always wanted a smaller PSP... a portable system with portable games and not a sack of games and a giant hulking thing that doesn't fit in your pocket!

darthv723404d ago

why would you think it wouldnt continue to get support? I ask because at the heart it IS a psp after all. Every new FW update and mini that gets released...the go can use.

Every game that is put on psn and demo for the psp...the go can use.

Also i wouldnt call it the "neutered" psp. It really lacked only one thing. The UMD which is a good thing if you think about it. You are right in that sony did a bad job of convincing people to switch to the go. Pricing not only of the hardware but the software was not thought out right.

If they did follow through with their proposed plan to offer digital trade in's of games would have been something at least. I use the go more than my regular psp because of the convenience of have all my digital games right there.

A good unit with bad marketing and no confidence from the parent company. I like the bluetooth feature. I plug mine into a dock and play games on the tv using a spare sixaxis controller. The only other times where you could do that with the original psp was in the game resistance for the psp. You had to have both the ps3 and psp version and you needed the ps3 on in order to keep the controller link working.

The other way was a modification to the unit itself to make it work with a special dock that a ps2 ds2 controller and memory card plugged into. Expensive as .... to have done but still cool none the less.

gamingdroid3403d ago (Edited 3403d ago )

"why would you think it wouldnt continue to get support? I ask because at the heart it IS a psp after all. Every new FW update and mini that gets released...the go can use."

I would turn around and ask you why do you think PSP Go would get future support when it hasn't really had support WHILE IT WAS BEING SOLD in-stores when Sony actually had a real motivation?

Now there is even less of a reason to support PSP Go (albeit there is overlap with PSP-3000). Personally, I have no confidence that Sony will do PSP Go owners justice!

darthv723403d ago (Edited 3403d ago )

It is simple really. Anything released for the psp (in general) digitally would not be restricted to just the 2000/3000 or 1000 series for that matter.

The original 1000 has less memory than the rest and every title released is meant to work. The fact the go is all digital doesnt change that. You are making it seem that simply because it lacks a umd that sony would find a way to lock out support for it.

Like i said before. The heart of the go IS the same as any other PSP. Im not sure what you think of as support. I know it didnt get the marketing and sales promotions but it certainly got the same digital games support as all the rest.

The only way for the go to really be kicked to the curb is if sony stopped releasing content on the ps store. We both know that isnt going to happen because they have seen an increase in digital distribution and the $$$ it brings in.

The go wasnt meant to replace the umd least not the original intention. It was a convenience type of system. They just didnt price the content to more real world values as time progressed. Then again, the go isnt the only one to suffer that consequence either. The other units that are able to download content are just as stuck in that same boat.

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saladthieves3404d ago

Damn...this has to be one of Sony's shortest lived devices. They didn't even make it to their 3rd birthday. :(

HobbsCanuck3403d ago

I got my PSPgo on boxing day for 150$, and it came with the 3 games. I guess thats not a bad deal. I'm kinda ticked that Sony already dropped the Go, but I expected that. At least the NGP isnt coming out for a while, so it doesnt feel like a huge loss... for me

supremacy3404d ago

Before this gets out of hand i will quickly say that the original psp will still be around and is a very profitable platform. With a solid library of games.

Its reasonably cheap and is doing mighty well in japan, in addition to this.

It is likely that Sony keeps it around even a little after the ngp hits store shelves this fall. Reason being is Sony i am sure will try and get may of its games digitaltize so they can be compatible with the ngp.

darthv723404d ago

the games coming to retail are also being released on psn. So not only the original psp but the go will continue to get games because they are one and the same. Just one doesnt have a umd drive. A fair trade I might add, going digital isnt bad at all. Just their pricing on games needs to be more reflective of real world prices. Especially for older titles when newer ones get released.

If gamestop can cut prices on new games (not just used ones), sony can too on the digital versions.

floetry1013404d ago (Edited 3404d ago )

The PSPGo was misguided, poorly marketed and somewhat premature when it was announced so it doesn't really surprise me. I'm not sure I know anyone that actually owns the Go or felt the need to pick one up if they already had the PSP3000.

There is no question that the NGP will be better recieved.

RedPawn3404d ago

Well said, I just picked up FFIV complete yesterday.


Blaine3404d ago

I own a Go, and love it (although the ergonomics could be improved), but I agree with your comment.

Main problem with the thing, though, has ALWAYS been lack of digitally available games. No Crisis Core, WTF? And many other AAA PSP titles are also missing.

floetry1013404d ago

@RedPawn, I'll most definitely be picking up FFIV as well.

@Blaine, I didn't know that Crisis Core wasn't released digitally on it. Obviously that's a disappointment considering it's a flagship title and one of the best ever released on the platform.

It makes you wonder what the purpose of the device was initially and I think they would have benefited from starting the NGP earlier and perhaps dropping the Go (not discounting the fact that you enjoy it of course).

RedPawn3404d ago


Good stuff, FFIV is actually my fav FF.

darthv723404d ago

the availability of a digital version was left up to the developer/publisher. Square has some games in digital form on psn for all psp's to download but they pick and choose which ones are available.

Really old games would likely not be available but generally the newer ones are being released in both formats. Still...that is the decision of the publisher and sony to make that call.

Sometimes they have specials on games. I downloaded killzone liberation for $10. Same with Dante inferno.

LoneWanderer093404d ago

i love my PSP never really got into the PSPGo, but i still love the classic