Too Human: Hands-on impressions, screens, video, Dyack interview gets a hands-on look at the biggest mystery in video games: Too Human. New screenshots, gameplay impressions, video and an interview with Silicon Knights President Dennis Dyack.

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Jones Miller4023d ago (Edited 4023d ago )

Looking forward to playing this game. The new video was awesome! I especially like this part of the interview:

Each class is customizable in a skill tree similar to Diablo 2 or World of Warcraft. At higher levels, character of the same class will be totally different from each other. For example, one defender might concentrate on his hammer and shield skills, while another might amp up his defensive attributes.

Characters will be able to hook up together for four-player co-op games over Xbox Live. Each class will add their own abilities to the group. Silicon Knights developers hope that gamers will be able to take down big bosses together in small raid groups similar to many online role-playing games.

Although players will only be able to hit level 50 in the original Too Human, Silicon Knights will allow them to carryover their characters and equipment to future instalments of the game.

Waiting for trolls to talk smack! Every1 is entitled to his or hers opinion still :)

power of Green 4023d ago

Doing a friggin great job with this game it has truely come along ways.

Odion4023d ago

i knew this game would come through

fe104023d ago

I like the multiplayer part.

allforcalisto4023d ago

this game depresses my eyes.

its sad cause the gameplay looks kinda more fun than mass effect,
but the visuals look A$$tastic.

power of Green 4023d ago (Edited 4023d ago )

LOL... can't wait to see it in HD and finished.

Looks great.

Evil0Angel4023d ago

i do not think so

i always had high hope for this game, and i am sure it will not dispoint

the fact this game (is just like mASS EFFECT) are trigoly and the devloper aiming at relasing the 3 games in 360 means microsoft is not planing to abandent 360 once it relase the NEXT-BOX the way it did with the first one.

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The story is too old to be commented.