360 Outsells Wii and PS3? Vgchartz & NPD September Software and Hardware Expectations

Vgchartz reports that the Xbox 360 has lead the next-generation consoles in sales for the month of September. They attribute much of the gain to the release of Halo 3.

On October 18, 2007 at approximately 6:00 pm EST, NPD will release its data for the USA and Canada videogame markets - barring delay. The figures in the report will cover 'September' which is a five week period running from September 2 to October 6. The previous month was only four weeks. For the purposes of comparison, data from NPD and Vgchartz has been assembled below.

Over the five week September period, Vgchartz reported the following figures.



Xbox 360...75,690....88,658...103,530...122,834...129,986...520,698






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Bloodmask4479d ago (Edited 4479d ago )

Not only does Xbox 360 outsell the Wii. It also outsells the PS3 by a margin of over 3 to 1.

Another thing noticeable is that 5 out of the top ten best selling games are on 360.

Overall Xbox 360 has completely dominated the charts in both hardware and software when compared to PS3.

Kaze884479d ago (Edited 4479d ago )

I just saw your earlier post and i must say that you pretty strategically posted it like this one. There had been loads of rumours about ps3 price cut on why would anyone want to buy a ps3 before price cut?
Yes the price cut and new 40gig is awailable in the europe but it has been out about 4 days now, it takes week or two to take any effect. im not saying that ps3 would beat x0 on week sales which is having its peak cause of their own bundles and for some couple great exclusives, even x0 cant keep up like that trough hole holiday season.
ps3 sales will rise (ofcourse it will, its a price cut that many ps2 users have been waiting for).

socomnick4479d ago

99 percent of people don't visit n4g so they don't know that ps3 is gonna have a price cut heck most people wont know till they read an advertisement or walk in store and see it. The reason the ps3 sold so poor in September is simply because people wanted to play halo and it isn't on the ps3.

4479d ago
The Brave 14478d ago

Great post man!Its funny that so many people(Xidiots)disagree with your post when everything u said is actually true.

P1MPDADDY4478d ago (Edited 4478d ago )

If there is anybody out there who is tired of PS3 fanboys spreading FUD, taking away peoples bubbles for no other reason than they simply disagree, and ruining the spirit of this site which is to debate videogames, help a PimpDaddy out and give me my bubbles back. I dont play the game with taking away peoples bubbles because I believe everyone should have a chance to voice thier opinion. Right or wrong.

Check out my BIO, and maybe then you guys will understand why I am so down on Sony. I owned a PS3 for a month and then traded it in for a 360. Below is reciepts that will prove to all the haters who doubted me. I also bought Warhawk and the Blu-Ray movie 300. I gave Sony an honest chance but the PS3 just didnt give me the videogame experience I had enjoyed with my first 360. I got tired of driving over to my former roommates house to play the 360, and when Halo 3 launched I was sucked back in. Can you blame me??? Be honest with yourselves I have tried both consoles out and the 360 is the hands down winner right now. Maybe by Christmas 2008 I will be singing a different tune, but I am not going to wait around for Sony to get its act together. These sales figures posted in this article show exactly why the 360 is a force to be reckoned with.

The 360 outsold the PS3 and Wii in September.

The 360 continued to outsell the PS3 and Wii combined in software sales.

Halo 3 by itself outsold all of these PS3 exclusives in 1 week. RFOM, Motorstorm, Warhawk, Heavenly Sword, and Lair.

360 owners are "true" games, they have an absolutely ridiculous attach rate, and arent conflicted with choosing between buying HD movies or HD videogames.

sak5004478d ago (Edited 4478d ago )

Sony fanbois cracking up already.



Edit: @pimpdaddy: Its sad when you tell from your experience and sonydroids take out your bubbles but look at turds like 1.3 and they still hv 2 bubbles. I've already given u bubbs man.

Kaze884478d ago (Edited 4478d ago )

Socomnick i think that you are exaggerating and by the way n4g isnt the only site that has been rumouring about that price cut and 40gig ps3 for weeks.
Even most finnish game and game magazine sites have been rumouring those things for weeks.

My motto is not to give bubles to anyone, its just not fair to everybody. On my main cite where i visit everyday everybody is just barking to ps3 sucks here sucks that, if anyone tryes to say anything otherwise to defend its position he will get -5 bubbles and his comment will be automatically erased.
I chose my ps3 cause of some exclusives that are not likely to be shown on x0.

yes the x0 outsold the PS3 and Wii in September, would it be cause of couple great exclusives and with million campaign of hype.

"Halo 3 by itself outsold all of these PS3 exclusives in 1 week. RFOM, Motorstorm, Warhawk, Heavenly Sword, and Lair."
If you didnt notice ps3 has less instal base than x0 and those all those are ps3 firts year games and not the sequels that everybody knows (like mgs4,ffxii) their new ip's.
when x0 came on the market it had no competition except ps2, when ps3 came out it had wii and x0. still it has been selling almoust as good as x0, but now x0 is getaway cause of couple great exclusives and bundles. Lets see couple weeks what effect will the ps3 price cut have on its sales.

Bleem3604478d ago


I'm bored at work and spotted this post - Thought this would have been ideal 'Nasim' territory. Shame he hasn't posted on this one yet, I'm missing my belly laughs for today.

Nasim - get yourself logged in and bring your single bubble with you, we need a laugh.

MvC Xtrm4478d ago (Edited 4478d ago )

Off-Topic post:

This site is seriously flawed with the bubble bullsh*t and the Sony Fanboys taking others bubbles away for no apparent reason but just to be an ass because it's devastating to their sorry excuses for an argument. All your posts seem logical and thought out as far as I'm concerned. I'll try and add positive feedback for you any chance I get.

But it also works both ways. I gave my Honest opinion on Halo 3 which I've stated was not the greatest FPS franchise (IMHO) and suddenly I was ignored by users and lost a bubble or two by Microsoft Fanboys. The bubble system is just ridiculous.

Here's one for the Sony Droids.

SKullDugger4478d ago

Wow the PS3 hardware sales and software sales are really poor! the 360 is still running circles around the mighty PS3 the numbers don't lie!!!!

Wii60_FTW4478d ago

great f*ckin video. the ending is classic. Sony fanboys? GET F*CKING OWNED. truth hurts.

and PD, right on.

SlappyMcTaint4478d ago

Who's the RETARD that still thinks vgchartz is legit? And who are the other RETARDS that approved this blather?!

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Lex Luthor4479d ago (Edited 4479d ago )

Ouch! PS3 is getting crushed! It's pretty much dead in the water.

Edit: GBA is almost catching up with the Ps3, ROFLMAO!!!!!

lawman11084478d ago

PLAYbHIND beioutches..............

Lightning Mr Bubbles4479d ago (Edited 4479d ago )

520k to 168k

Talk about an ass kicking. But what can I say? XBOX 360 price drop and then it's signature game.

This is why PS3 is cutting prices and coming up with more affordable sku's. They have no choice.

power of Green 4479d ago

Agreed!. The 40 giger is going to make it alot easier for sony to gain some ground in 2008 or should I say able.

Quickstrike4479d ago

A)bring sony back to its #1 posistion
B)Make M$ wet their pants
C)Give Nintendo a run for their money
D)get more exclusive :)

TheMART4479d ago

Pretty funny it's in USA, but also in Europe. Watch this also:

PS3 fandroids in denial.

C_SoL4479d ago Show
ARBitrator4478d ago

My goodness, the PS3 Fanboys really get pissed off when this type of news is released. For the life of me I can't understand why this stuff angers them so much. You got your machine of choice (360 or PS3) go play it and don't worry about what the market does. Let MS & Sony fight that battle, you guys should be enjoying your games and/or movies.

Folks, take a chill pill and stop making predictions on what the other console is going to do in the long run. For one thing, you don't have a clue what the hell your talking about, and the second thing you don't have a clue what the hell you talking about, and lastly, you don't have a clue what the hell your talking about!

J U M P I N & P L A Y B E Y O N D!

Lightning Mr Bubbles4479d ago (Edited 4479d ago )

I don't blame them, knock yourself out. But remember this is XBOX's peak right now. Remember it.

Enjoy it while you can. I would.

TheMART4479d ago

Ofcourse. There was a peak in August: Bioshock
A peak in September: Halo 3
A peak in October: PGR4
A peak soonish: Mass Effect

What peaks did the PS3 had? Lair? Only July a short peak over the pricedrop?

The 360 is peaking constantly. Getting great games constantly with high reviews. It'll in 2008 also. KZ2 can already go crap its pants over Gears of War 2 @ Christmas 2008

Lightning Mr Bubbles4479d ago

There's only 1 peak. It's Halo 3.

TheMART4479d ago

Uh right. And NO peaks for the PS3 then, right?

ASSASSYN 36o4479d ago

Ps3 never peaks it just forms a gradual hump compared to the 360.

Mr_Kuwabara4479d ago

Yeah Halo 3 is the only huge peek, the peeps who bought the 360 because the Halo 3 rush will also enjoy those new titles coming for the 360 but I really don't think that Mass Effect and PGR4 would have that huge peek in sales if not at all.

wageslave4479d ago (Edited 4478d ago )

Its almost embarassing to see you apologize for your PS3. This is exactly what was expected to happen. And Halo 3 -- along with the best lineup for any console in 2007 -- will continue to move Consoles well into next year.

People are seeing what a great machine the Xbox 360 is, and the games get great reviews and dominate the sales charts -- what do you think is going to happen? A $400 gimped PS3 isnt going to do *ANYTHING* to change this reality.

This relationship of sales (about 3:1) is going to continue through the holiday as the volumes for all three increase. But PS3 will be selling 300,000 in December while the Xbox 360 will be selling a Million units.

The PS3 will arrive into 2008, a failure and still-born, and when the games and innovative extras (like Internet TV and "XNATube") continue to pile on the pressure, MS will have another line-up of PS3 killers for 2008, nothing is going to change. Sony can never be price competitive, because MS and Nintendo will move prices in relation to any more aggressive price slashing from Sony.

You're in Dream land. The writing has been on the wall for some time. Its amazing that you'll come here and say "oh, half a million sold is no big deal". Its a MASSIVE deal for September sales.

Just go out and get a Xbox 360. From your Avatar, I see you're a Final Fantasy fan.

I suggest you go get an Xbox 360 just so you can play Sakaguchi-san's Lost Odyssey -- instead of whatever crap square sticks the FF name on next year.

Sakaguchi makes games ONLY for Xbox 360. Sorry. No wonderful Sakaguchi titles for your PS3. Enjoy your Fake Fantasy.

@Quickstrike: Do you somehow think that MS magically forgot to make games for 2008? Im not going to play "look at next years list" with you. Goto Metacritic and compare the two existing libraries.

Quickstrike4479d ago

The PS3 will start kicking next year with its massive amount of games like:
Killzone 2
Metal Gear Solid 4
Final Fantasy XIII and hopefully Final Fantasy Versus XIII
Coded arms: Assault
Disgaea 3 (hopefully in 2008)
God of War 3 (hopefully in 2008)
Gran Turismo 5
The next Jak game
The next Sly game
Little Big Planet
Resistance Fall of Man 2 (you know its coming)
Star Ocean 4
Steambot Chronicles 2
Wipeout HD
The 2 games being made by team ICO (maby not next year but it may be announced)
Zone of the Ender 3 (maby not next year but it may be announced)

Omegasyde4478d ago

pretty good numbers if Microsoft keep this up.. their xbox division might actually only be negative -1 billion.

Who knows perhaps by 2009, They might break even from all the repairs of the 360. Unfortunately Halo 3 is the Microsoft last great title from thier in house publishers.

I wonder when halo 4 will come out.

godofthunder104478d ago

it's fanboys like you that post stupid remaks.instead of acting like a 10 year old fighting over a kids game system,you need to start acting like you understand what's going on.
1st-halo 3 helped microsoft get out of the red so your billion $ remarks doesn't even make since,so you need to know what's going on before you post something.
2nd-the majority of game programers said that when it comes to pure power the ps3 and 360 are really equal because of the way that they were made,but i know sony fanboys like you would never admit it.
3rd-if the 360 or ps3 fails then all gamers will loose because they wouldn't put all that money into making a game and the majority will have bad graphics and game play because they wouldn't care because we would have to buy it because they only have 1 system and no competition.
4th-the 360 and ps3 or both great system and one isn't better then the other.
5th-graphic isn't everything,i rather play a game that has a good story and gameplay instead of just good graphics.
6th-you really need both system to enjoy all the good games and i know you want admit it because you are a fanboy that act childish and think that the ps3 is god but remember 1 thing,sony could care less about you as a matter of fact they made the remark that sony fans will buy the ps3 without any games because they are sony fans.

SKullDugger4478d ago

the PS3's spike was when they lowered the price by $100.00 and now ?

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