[email protected] Reviews: Portal 2

[email protected] Writes: "When Valve first released The Orange Box on PS3, it was a great package that was plagued with issues and bugs. In The Orange Box, there is a game that many are familiar with by now and the game I’m talking about of course is Portal. Being a really short game itself, Valve had no idea what to expect when it became a popular title with its clever puzzles, unique gameplay and dark humor, it was a sensation to all gamers. While the PS3 version wasn’t the best, Valve surprised fans by announcing Portal 2 to make it’s way onto the PS3 and also with the promise of being “The best version on any console”. With that being said, Valve delivers that promise and Portal 2 is one game no one should miss out on. Read on in our review."

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syanara3505d ago

Great Review! Portal 2 is awesome and I love the new gameplay mechanics! and TBH It is definitely a GOTY contender

earbus3505d ago

Still wished it was Tf 3 id buy a stand alone of that.

xtremegamerage3505d ago (Edited 3505d ago )

Good review, except for spelling and grammar mistakes.