IBM, AMD, Nvidia, Intel Talk The Future Of Gaming Processors

Last Thursday in San Francisco, Cadence -- a company not well-known to anyone but chip makers, but extremely crucial to them for the software and hardware solutions it provides for the design of chips -- held a roundtable discussion with high-level staff responsible for some of the most crucial processors in the gaming space.

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neogeo4488d ago

That IBM stole the show and really tried hard to sell the Cell.
Cell processor on next gen video cards?

JsonHenry4488d ago (Edited 4488d ago )

So I read the article- and did not read anything new that has not been talked about for years.

And this talk of the CELL being the next best thing... No. It won't be. Mutlicore IS the wave of the future. But until PCs stop needing linear paths - the CELL is DOA as a CPU.

As far a video card use... well, there is a reason Nvidia gets a kick back for every PS3 sold.

kornbeaner4488d ago

"Mutlicore IS the wave of the future."

IBM's Cell processor can have up to eight cores per processor.

The PS3 uses 7 of those eight, with one held over for redundancy.

Seems like the future is already here.

HarryEtTubMan4488d ago

Nice the Cell is changing things up from the norm...

Cartesian3D4488d ago

Future of gaming processors : CELL

they made unified shader (ATi and Nvidia) , and now they(IBM-SONY-Toshiba) made unified processor ( general and graphic tasks) called CELL ...

CELL isnt perfect at all.. but it is a good start for better performance..

d3l33t4488d ago

well even CPU's are headed towards a multi threaded architecture, its hard to avoid. It handles operators like nothing before it.


Ps3 version of COD4 does look better than the 360 version. Check the preview from Daily Game.

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The story is too old to be commented.