UK software sales for the week ending 13th October,2007

As anticipated last week saw big gains for ps3 games in UK .Resistance has moved up 17 places to no5 . Heavenly Sword which was at no 40 last week climbed 29 places to no 11.Motorsotrm has moved up to no 15 and F1 has moved up 35 places to no 22.

PGR4 topped the chart followed by ps2 version of Fifa 08

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Anything but Cute4025d ago

Could it be that there's been more PS3 adapters thanks to the 40GB?

nasim4025d ago (Edited 4025d ago )

the 40gig did very well too. expect 100k ps3s last week in UK alone

The ps3 games moved only because they were bundled with consoles.

Forza 2 was bundled with x360 and you can see forza 2 below HS ,resistance

ps3 has 7 games in top 40

x360 has 6 games in top 40

ps3 surge accounted for just 4 days (10oct --13th oct)....x360 for the whole week

0 x360 hardware was moved in UK.

although x360 games are in top chart...x360 hardware is non-existent

RESISTANCE and MOTORSTORM are still in top 20 52 weeks after their releases. On the other hand Bioshock disappeared ages ago from UK/EU charts

chester4025d ago (Edited 4025d ago )

if the ps3 sold "astronomical" amounts, then how well did the 360 sell with 3 out of the top 4 titles being their games?

great use of the word astronomical though. gave me a laugh, like you always do.

Kokoro4025d ago

taught the Forza game would them off on buying another one. Resistance and Motorstorm are up, due to the bundle here in the UK. Football did well as usual on all platform.

Anything but Cute4025d ago

Microsoft is already thinking about the XBOX 720. Halo 3 falls again? down to # 3 on the charts. This is XBOX 360's signature title. If that can't stay # 1 on the charts for more than a week, how the hell do they expect to win Europe?

Things are only gonna get worse you know... PS3 has everything still to come.

Where the F*ck is bloodmask!? Need explanation.

BLaZiN PRopHeT4025d ago

second fastest selling game in UK history. i think the game did pretty good. dont forget the number 1 game is another MS game.

Lightning Mr Bubbles4025d ago

Okay but not the second fastest selling game in UK history now. It lost to poor little Project Gotham Racing. And it's only been a few weeks since it came out. Just admit it, you're F*cked!

predator4025d ago

lightning are u a complete idiot? "not the second fastest selling game in UK history now. It lost to poor little Project Gotham Racing" so by that u are saying that pgr 4 sold more copies then halo 3 has all togethere? it is still the 2nd fastest selling game in the uk, it sold more copies in its first week then anyother game besides gta san adreas, now if it went to sell a moderate amount each week then it would be number 1 for a very long time, but because every1 rushed out to get it in its first week its starting to drop down the charts, but considering how many people bought the game in its first week (2nd fastest uk game off all time)and its still number 3 shows how may people are still buying, u need to think before u post dum carp like that

gunnerforlife4025d ago

lol i think i helped ridge racer 7 get to 40 lol

skynidas4025d ago

can anyone tell me if the difference between HD and SD is worth the money

Ju4025d ago (Edited 4025d ago )

Are you serious ? I had an SD when I got my PS3...had to run out and get a 42" TFT. Sure it makes a difference. Significantly, I would say.


You will have to buy a PS3 and play Heavenly sword and RnC to see what real nextgen is

MikeGdaGod4025d ago

it's worth the money if you get a tv that displays full 1080p. if not your better off waiting till prices drop.

oh and get one that has a built-in HD tuner

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