Famitsu's Most Wanted Top 20, Dragon Quest Dominates

Dragon Quest dominates the top twenty in four different positions, not including missionary, Monster Hunter 3 makes its debut under the Wii name.

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djt234479d ago

i am not going to lie i also want that Dragon Quest IX game for the ds

Bigmac5734479d ago

If Final Fantasy XIII and MGS4 were ported to the Wii. All game companies are sellouts.

chitown4479d ago

do u honestly think that the wii can handle final fantasy's graphics?? theyd have to make it from scratch with added wii motion sensing controls so in conclusion its never going to the wii.

a lot of those games r ps3 games by the way. a nice little price drop and good games= ps3 domination

lonestarmt4479d ago

they don't mention 8 of them are ps3 games, not to mention 2-4 are ps3 games.. hmmm

Skerj4479d ago

I was thinking "that's a lot of blue" and then realized it took up 10 titles, very nice.

Anything but Cute4479d ago

I see a lot of blue and red on that chart. Not a lot of green. hehehe

PS360WII4479d ago

I agree with 15 of those titles. Those Dragon Quest games can't come out any sooner! Lost Odyssey hopefully will do better than Blue Dragon and Eternal Sonata. The remake for FF IV is shaping up nicely with voice work even. Not sure how that'll fair but hey least they are doing it huh? Last Remenant needs to do well so we can see a departure from FF or DQ for a bit and see some newer IP's from Square Enix. Too bad all those titles are so far away :(

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The story is too old to be commented.