IGN Conduit 2 Review

IGN's written review for the Conduit 2 on Wii.

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SurfnUSA3707d ago

I enjoyed the first enough to probably get this for $30 or using a gift card towards it.

AEtherbane3707d ago

6.5 for sound... lol
sans sound on the (oddly inflated) IGN scale the game is an 8.2. Hmmm.....
Reviews for this are all over the place much like the first, though i think most are on the lower end.
And from what I've heard from the people who bought the game today, it supposedly much better than the first, especially online.
I find it also odd that the reviews for C2 have been consistently praising, yet those statements have been ill-supported within the actually scores.

soren3707d ago

yeah it is very weird its like they dont like nintendo stuff but like the game but since it was on a nintendo platform they gave it a low score weird XD kinda how nintendo fan boys in ign gave mario glazy 2 grafics higher then 1 when they r the same lol

rumplstilts3707d ago

IGN scores are not an average. So sans sound, he would still leave it at 7.5.

Chidori3707d ago

Lol the reviewer's only complaint was that it's generic and isn't doing anything different from every other FPS out there. Besides that, it's basically nothing but praise for the game. Reading through what he was saying, I really expected a higher score at the end, especially since this is obviously a whole lot better than the first Conduit, which IGN rated 8.6. Every other FPS out there is doing the same as every other FPS out there, the genre is nothing but copy/paste, so I think it's harsh to lower the score due to "repetitive gameplay". I own Goldeneye Wii, not a very good game at all. IGN scored it 9.0, which I didn't understand at all because, well, it just doesn't deserve that high. So as to see a game like Conduit 2, a game in which the developers are actually trying, get scored like this is baffling.

tunaks13707d ago

GoldenEye was a great game,
its single player is probably the best this gen. The only reason this review seems negative is because the first's score was way too high. Still picking this game up though.

Chidori3707d ago

People keep riding the nostalgia train. The single player campaign is alright, but overall the game is mediocre for WII STANDARDS, the online is pretty bad too. The single player kept me entertained for a few hours, but that was it, I haven't touched that game in months. Tried the online once, never wanted to try it again.

tunaks13707d ago

the single player is nothing like the original.
The reason its good is because its more then a 3d shooting gallery. You have you opinion and thats great.

soren3707d ago (Edited 3707d ago )

all first person shooters are generic there all the same but this is sopose to do something the others dont like what? walk on the sky? last time i checked cod are all the same the only diff is ether the grafics get closer to ps2 with every release and the game gets more unbalanced lol but yeah w.e we dont need this game we have enough fps lol so i agree with ur statement and wow the review seemed like they liked the game but was given to a sony fanboy to play so he gave it a low score weiiird review

Titanz3707d ago

"7.5" is a better than average score for a game.

And Conduit 2 may be a little generic, but when was the last time you could turnover soda machines; etc, for cover?