Top Ten Worst ‘Mortal Kombat’ Fatalities

Game Rant writes "The fatality is the main selling point of any Mortal Kombat game. The whole purpose of the fatality is to mock your opponent in a brutal and bloody fashion once you’ve beaten them to a mess on the floor. Often times they’re very nasty, and even in today’s somewhat desensitized media, can shock the player.

Sometimes however, the Mortal Kombat fatality chosen just doesn’t work. Whether it’s because it doesn’t make any sense, even within the boundaries set by the game, or it just isn’t that effective, some fatalities fail in their attempt to shock and amaze."

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elite-shot2738d ago

Not a bad post(Y)Quite funny

BiggCMan2738d ago

Yea good read, although he messed up number 9 and put the same video for that and number 8. The Sub-Zero one is missing. Dairou’s Hara-Kiri had me laughing like crazy though.

Relientk772738d ago

Wow the #1 is really lame

I really did't like the Jax fatalities from MK3

I hate this one I think its so stupid:

BiggCMan2738d ago

Really? I thought that one was funny! XD To each his own I guess. I suppose it didn't make much sense, but still funny.