PS3 model CECHH01 lands at the FCC

Well, it looks like that CECHG01 model PlayStation 3 wasn't the only one that the FCC got to spend a bit of time with recently, with the hereto unheard of CECHH01 model now also finding its way into a couple more recent filings with the commission. From what little info online, it appears that this particular model packs a "new board" and, most likely, two USB ports instead of four.

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P1MPDADDY4022d ago

I am looking forward to the announcement of when "exactly" the 40GB Sony PS3 sku will be launched in the US and at "exactly" what price point. When I owned my 60GB PS3 I never used the backwards compatability or card media ports. Plus I only used 2 of the USB ports anyways. 1 for the controller charger, and the other one for my Jabra Blue-tooth headset charger I got when I purchased Warhawk.

Regardless of any ill feelings I have towards Sony as a corporation. I do still plan to own a PS3 again once it is cheaper and has more "exclusive" games. I am a a gamer first and foremost and even I am not that mad at Sony to cheat myself of all the great games the PS3 will have that the 360 or Wii wont.

If the price is right the 40GB PS3 plus Ratchet and Clank may make a nice Christmas gift for the kids. Then again Christmas of 2008 sounds even better. Sony will have 2 years worth of games in thier library, a Dual Shock 3 controller, and may even be priced down to $300.00 by then.

What do you guys think. Play Beyond Christmas 2007 or Wait Beyond till Christmas 2008?????

OmegaKulu4022d ago

that will depend on how bad you want to play those games... and your pocket size.

iheartSONY4022d ago

This "rumored" 40gb PS3 has been on N4G for too long now. LET IT GO! Theres a 40gb PS3 we get it. Now move on. Report back to us when it's released. Thank you:-)

DJ4022d ago

the 40GB is coming to U.S. soil.

kspraydad4022d ago

This is likely the WHITE model BTW.