Analysts split on September hardware leader

There's no denying that September was a big month for the games industry. Between the launch of a newly redesigned PlayStation Portable, Heavenly Sword, World in Conflict, several sports franchises, and, of course, that whole Halo 3 thing, consumers had plenty of reasons to dig deeply into their wallets regardless of their gaming platform of choice.

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MK_Red4477d ago

PSP Slim, Halo 3 and Heavenly Sword. Which one has the biggest effect?

FordGTGuy4477d ago

Of course Halo 3 had the biggest effect. Hell it even raised Microsoft's stock 3%.

Kuest4477d ago

MK, I respect you man, and I know you want to appear unbiased... But sometimes you just gotta be REAL with yourself. C'mon, deep down you *know* who won.

whateva4477d ago

PSP Slim and lite sold more then 500,000 last month in Japan alone so it's a big chance that the PSP sold more then the 360 world wide even with Halo 3.

Bloodmask4477d ago (Edited 4477d ago )

that Halo 3 will drive 360 into the lead position for September sales. It will probably be the first Next-Gen game to sell over 10 million copies. And in other stories information was given that the release of Halo 3 has significantly increased sales for 360.

And PSP sales should be compared to DS and Gameboy sales for hardware stats comparison. They are competing for the "handheld" market.

PS3, 360, and Wii are competing for the non-mobile console market.

nomad1174477d ago

you mean 20% then yes doubled lol


And 360 sold only 350,000.....FF or Halo3 I guess FF had the bigger impact on hardware sales.

Dannagar4477d ago (Edited 4477d ago )

Well, who didn't see that coming? We didn't need an Analyst to tell us what was to come and what's coming.

PimpHandHappy4477d ago

Pachter believes Microsoft will feel the Halo effect on hardware sales, with the Xbox 360 edging out the Wii 450,000 units to 420,000, and the PlayStation 3 rounding out the console race at 150,000 units.

I would have thought the number for the 360 would have been a bit higher but i guess most of those 3million plus Halo3 buyers already had the system.

Bestbuy had 12Wii's for sale yesterday and they where sold out in 24 hours! I also seen some parents buying a PS3. I wanted to tell them about the 40GB coming out because they where asking the bestbuy helper all kinds of stuff. They seemed a bit alot of money. After i seen the helper sell them the blueray remote i just walked away. I couldnt tell them the controler works well..

Kuest4477d ago

Lets not get TOO giddy over what one analyst (pfft!) said. Lets just calm down, and wait for the you-know-what. Still, if you like predictions- *I* will predict that when NPD is released, lots of girlish crying will occur due to loss of bubbles.

pilotpistolpete4477d ago

What analysts didn't give september to MS?


The way xbots were talking Halo3 was going to be a system seller, but the truth is like everyone else predicted Halo fans already have a 360. Selling an extra 100,000 console for 1 month doesn't scream system seller at all. Halo sold alot of copies that's for sure but even FF had a bigger impact on PSP than Halo on 360....Wait til FF gets release in the US and UK...

jcgamer4477d ago (Edited 4477d ago )

All I hear from YOU is wait till this, wait till that...wait till this game, that game...the other game...oh, yeah..THAT, sorry, THAAAT game...oh, wait, no wait...please...if the Wii gets beaten by a more hardcore oriented console, you should be happy...N4G's should be happy...that means there's a balance in the for everyone to shine at different points in this generation...these are MASS MARKET products...anybody can own gaming consoles...they're not some rare find in a thrift store...and Halo 3 was released on September 25th...the END of the month...according to vgcharts, and I really do not like quoting them...I wish NPD had a weekly chart...360 sold 130,000 units the week AFTER...

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The story is too old to be commented.