Bethesda: Mounts in Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim “Looking Good Right Now,” But Not a Definite Yet

X360A writes:

"Horses and Oblivion – especially those with armour! – have become a bit of a running joke in the games industry in this console's life cycle, but despite that, Bethesda aren’t 100% committed to putting them in Skyrim just yet. They’re “looking good right now,” but Bethesda’s Game Studios’ Game Director, Todd Howard warns that if they’re not adding anything to the game, they’ll be cut."

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Blad3star4244d ago

Can wait for horse armor DLC -_-

Forbidden_Darkness4244d ago

Free with every pre-order of the game!

chak_4244d ago

who cares, just do your work.

Zonsenzo4243d ago

wtf! if you watched carefully in the trailer, when there is a small village with a windmill and beautiful scenary, there's a horse in there!! it's around 1:20 into the video...

DanSolo4238d ago

Well I can't say I particularly care about horses being in it... but at the same time, it does make sense to have them or it would seem a bit strange that just suddenly there were no horses in the gameworld.

Plus they did come in handy sometimes when you wanted to get somewhere new quickly and were not in the mood to explore along the way!

.....I don't think the whole "Horse Armour" thing is going to be forgotten anytime soon though!