Halo 3 Blamed for Poor Movie Ticket Sales

Movie ticket sales for October are already being recorded as some of the lowest in recent years. And who's to blame according to the film industry? Why, Master Chief of course. Several film executives and researchers are convinced that many movie-goers stayed home playing the game instead of venturing out to the theater.

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MK_Red4019d ago

I'd rather blame low quality films because I can't believe how bad that Heartbreak Kid film was...

Skerj4019d ago

Hah I was just about to ask if there were any movies worth watching during this time period. Aside from Across the Universe there's nothing else I wanna go to the theater for in the near future.

Ri0tSquad4019d ago

There aren't any movies worth going out to watch.

dachiefsman4019d ago

Thanks for the news post....that gave me a good laugh!!!!!

Excalibur4019d ago

Blame the crappy movies Hollywood has released the last few years, that coupled with outrages ticket and snack prices and the a$$hole that wants to play with his phone half the frikkin' movie and you will have your answer.
Oh and Ben Stiller is such a huge draw?!? WTF??? And I much as I like The Rock, I wouldn't pay to see the movie he made that has been made a half a dozen times already.

PS360PCROCKS4019d ago

Lmao their blaming MC? this is funny as hell, love the picture by the way lmao...ben stiller is CLEARLY calling him an as*hole, lmao and yes also blame the last month or so and crappy movies!

CyberSentinel4019d ago

Halo is the "King of all Media".

kornbeaner4019d ago

$12 tickets, $5 popcorn, $4 drinks, 60 cent candy selling for 400% more, yeah master chief is the cause of all that is wrong with slumping movie revenues.

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The story is too old to be commented.